Jeffy Happy Birthday My Friend,

we were at Torihei for Jeff’s birthday.


happy birthday my friend 🙂

おめでとうマイ・フレンド 🙂

beers and to the usual shochu. didnt know Torihei had shot glasses… lol


way too blurry Shuta-kn lol hahahaha


way too many people went back to Japan. Mabu-kun, Yuji, Mai-chan, Takahito, Masao-kun… the only people that is still here as the Torrance drinking team is Jeff, Shuta-kun, Yushi, and me… lol we were drinking almost every night every weekend at the izakayas and the hostess bars… ahhh good old days. but yea, again, happy birthday Jeffy!!


Driving Range and to Bayside,

after work yesterday, Takatori-san and Hiro-kun were eating together. they decided to drop by at Dominguez Hills Golf Course to kill some time. i was home that time watching TV, and i knew they were gonna call me that night since Takatori-san is going back to Japan Thursday. had to go numero dos before leaving the house. didnt want to sh*t in my pants swinging my golf club.


and here we are at Dominguez Hills golf course on Main St.


Dominguez Hills Golf Course

19800 Main St. Carson, CA 90745


got the pics from Hiro-kun 🙂

ヒロ君から写真もらいましたぁ 🙂

went to bayside afterwards.


Bayside Karaoke

2212 W Artesia Blvd

Torrance, CA 90504


Tuesday Alcoholic,

couldnt leave until this stupid truck finished loading.


i went to Signal Auto to meet up with Kenji-kun for dinner.


and we went to MUSHA in Torrance. Takatori-san and Kie came by as well.


and, buuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnn hahaha


lobster roll was good.


yea, we need cigarette breaks.


throwing the JDM sign with Kenji-kun.


the first bottle for the day. and more to come later…


the best at MUSHA, ebi mayo-mayo.


i found a banana skin.


and told my buddy Ginga that works there to take a picture for us. he had 3 cameras lol


and Tomo-kun came by later on.


only if Kie was wearing a short skirt… lol


Musha Restaurant

1725 W. Carson St.

Torrance, CA 90501


Takatori-san and Kie left to check the car for the next Formula D. hopefully everything is under control… where did rest of us Kenji-kun, Tomo-kun, and i went? head to the hostess bar yo 🙂 went to Club ZERO since its across the street and i still have my bottles reerved there.

高取さんとキエは次のフォーミュラーD戦のための車をチェックしに。全部上手く行ってればいいけど…残ったウチらのケンジ君、トモ君、と俺はどこに向かったかって?キャバクラっしょ 🙂 クラブ・ゼロに行ったよ。道挟んですぐそこやしね。それにボトルもまだ残ってるし。

aghh blurred… hahaha


hahahha Kenji-kun drunk




i went home little after 3am. Kenji-kun and Tomo-kun? they went to go drink more lol



Drinking Pics,

some drinking pics with the asian buddies.


hmmm… why did i throw that sign?? lol


the guys. there was chicks too but cant find the pic…


Rogan-san says Women Slayer Shino-san.


Chum Churum

found this poster at Freshia Market today.


***courtesy of endenizen***

this poster is for the Chum Churum, some new Korean alcohol beverage. dont know if its really new, but lemme just say its a newbie in the market. the poster isnt that tempting. but the package is a real hotty. mang Lee Hyo Ri, (aka Lee Hyolee, E Hyo-Lee) is flam’n. the shot on the package is just HOT with her cleavage showing the crease lol hahaha well, didnt tempt me enough to buy the drink though. FAIL. hahaha. but yea, i was standing right next to the drink display while i was waiting for my KyoChon Chicken. hmmm… i will probably go buy a pack and try them at home.


From Craigslist, To the Guy I Met at the Bar Sat. Night

Date: 2008-11-11, 10:05PM EST

I was the blonde with the nice rack, tight jeans, and oh so tan body. You bought me drinks all night long. After the bar closed we went back to my place, for some more drinks. After many more drinks we headed back to my bedroom where we started caressing and fondling each other. I even allowed you to get in my panties. I explained to you that I wasn’t ready to go all the way after just meeting you. Your exact words were ” thats ok, We can just lay here and cuddle” I thought that was some of the sweetest words I have ever heard. Little did I know about the ASSHOLE inside you. I woke up to the birds chirping but could not open my right eye, I called your name but you were gone so I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror and guess what I saw….DRIED EJACULATE on my face and in my eyelashes. I also found it in my bedspread and headboard. You disgusting pig, but nooooo. It doesn’t end there…
I went into the bathroom to finish washing the filth off and not only had you jacked off on my face while I was asleep, but you also took a shit on my bathroom floor. What kind of low life, white trash, jacks off on someone when they are sleeping and then shits on their floor.I wish this was the end but its not.
I finally got your mess cleaned up and took a LONG HOT shower and went to the kitchen to get a beer and relax.. To my surprise..I opened the fridge and noticed that the brand new 12pack I just bought was gone and that my trash can smelled like urine. So lets recap….

I fell asleep thinking that I may have indeed found the man of my life, and that I was going to wake up in the morning and have sex with him…To waking up with dried cum in my hair, face, eyes, bed etc.. Almost walking on a pile of shit on my bathroom floor. To empty fridge and trash can used as a urinal…

Fuck You Asshole!!!!


  • Location: La Plata
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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mang Craigslist is evil!!! scammers and dry cums?? LMFAO