Macross Frontier

i’m watching the series of “Macross Frontier” right now. love this “Macross” series. personally, i like it more than “GUNDAM” series. well, i like GUNDAM too… but i prefer Macross much more. and this Macross Frontier is their 25th anniversary series. check the promotion clip 🙂


i love the concept of Macross where it combines relationship of friend and loved ones plus the power of songs for the people. the very first series back in the early 80s was against those giants called Zentradi (not sure if i spelled it right…). these giants were shocked of the action “Kiss” and how the song made them gloat. and then there is a series of “Macross Plus”, “Macross 7”, “Macross Zero” and some other series of the original “Macross” which i think there was two or three more of the series. Personally, i like the 7 series. The main character, Basara, fights against the aliens literally with his song and tries to stop the war. if you havent watched it, you should.


heres a image i found on mr. google.


official Macross Frontier website: