Not Available,

my two Duponts 🙂 the one in the darker color is a model from about 50 or more years ago. theres a gas leak and i need to fix this. sounds much much better then my other Dupont. but!! its too old that there are no parts available for this Dupont. even the gas leak is being fixed, there is no gas that matches the nozzle of it. any one know where i can get this fixed? i guess anywhere i go, i end having told to ship it to Paris… o yea and i need to fix my other one as well. my friend dropped it when the lid was open. azz hole.


Flea Markets and Farmer’s Market,


went to the Santa Monica Antique Flea Market over the weekend. didnt find anything though… unlike the Long Beach Antique Flea Market, it was really small. the only thing i was interested were those fries and hot dogs, which i didnt get to eat it 😦 haha