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Weekend Re-cap: “Relief with the Stars” at Capitol City Hollywood,

with DJ Benkay at Capitol City, Hollywood for “Relief with the Stars”

the event were with Operation USA, ASA Public Relations, and LA Fashion Week to be involved with the Chile earthquake fundraiser. we thank all of you who came out to support.


Its Going to be a Pretty Busy Weekend for Me,

i will be shooting couple events this weekend.


starting with tonight is a charity event for the Chile earthquake, “Relief with the Stars” at Capitol City in Hollywood with Operation USA, ASA Public Relations, and LA Fashion Week. DJ Benkay will be spinning tonight. different celebrities will be attending this event for donation. bar profits and bottle services will be donated to Chile.

今夜はまず、ハリウッドのCapitol CityにてOperation USA, ASA Public Relations,そしてLA Fashion Weekの合同で行われるチリ地震のチャリティーイベント「Relief with the Stars」。DJ Benkayさんが今夜も回します。大勢のセレブ、芸能人がこのチャリティーイベントにも参加します。バーの売り上げ、ボトルの売り上げがチリへと寄付されます。

Saturday is the season opener of 2010, Xtreme Drift Circuit/Remix Car Show at Irwindale Speedway. now is the time to test out my 7D at the track.

土曜日はアーウィンデーウで行われるシリーズ開け一発目のXtreme Drift Circuit/Remix Car Sowです。いよいよ7Dをモータースポーツの現場で使う時が来た。ふふ。

after XDC, head home once to upload the pics since i only have one 8MG CF card… lol i will be heading to Gonpachi Beverly Hills for SaKuRa 2010. i seriously need to by another CF card.

XDCの後はCFカード8GB一枚しか持ってないから(笑)一回家帰って写真をアップして夜は権八ビリーヒルズへSaKuRa 2010の撮影です。マジでCFカードもう一枚ぐらい買わないと無理だ。

its gonna be a busy Sunday editing the photos…


Fusion Fridays Feb 19th at Cabana Club, pics are up now

i was at Fusion Fridays with DJ Benkay last Friday, Feb 19th, 2010. went to the venue as one of the photographers for the event. was my first time at Cabana Club in Hollywood. not bad, though it was a bit dark.

the floor was packed with people enjoying the play of DJ Benkay 🙂 couldnt really move… hahha sucks that i miss their fashion show they had. never got the schedule or anything… lol next time, i shall not miss.

below are the pics from the event.



Fusion Fridays, Hosted by Clipse

i will be attending Fusion Fridays as a photographer tonight.

今晩はFusion Fridaysにカメラマンとして参加してきます。

thanks to Benkay-san for the invite.