GMG Track Day, Photos Updated

new “Coverage” section added.

photos from GMG track day uploaded.

Sexay Mama RS4,

randomly searching for a used Audi RS4.


still over 40k… lol


i was set for the CT200h. although i heard its small… very small. the luggage space (without the seats collapsed) is very limited for a hatchback. thought it was a IS chassis base but it seems to be a Prius base. will no wonder the base price was around 28k. forget you now. rather get the Audi A3 TDI or a A4 Avant.

CT200hで決まった、はずなのに。小さいと来たもんだ…。かなり小さいらしい。ハッチバックのわりにはトランク要領(シートたたむ前)がかなり小さいらしい。ISベースだと思ってたらプリベースなのね。まぁ、値段も安いもんねCT。ベースは300万以下だし。もういらん。アウディ先生のA3 TDIかA4アバントだな。

Dai’s Driving Academy 4,

Sunday September 20th was Dai’s Driving Academy 4 at Irvine, El Toro Air Field. weather was nice and clear. little wind and hot as hell lol out in the field with no shade is torture without sunscreen. this time, i almost got ran over… lol thanks Jin-san… hahaha o yea btw, you can now order prints. leave a comment with your email address and i will contact you back 🙂

9月20日の日曜日はDai’s Driving Academy 4でしたぁ。場所はアーバイン市内のエルトロ・エアーフィールド。元米軍基地です。天気は晴れで良好。風がほんの少しあって地獄のような暑さ(笑。影も無い中炎天下での撮影はまさに地獄。日焼け止め塗ってなければほぼ拷問w。今回は、ひかれそうになりました…笑。ジンさん、ありがとう…ww。今回から、写真のプリントサービスを始めました。コメントにメールアドレスを連載して頂ければこちらから連絡します 🙂

started my driving academy a little early on the 405 freeway lol


and here at the venue now. peeps setting up for the track.


and here the driver’s meeting start. alot more people then we expected.