Auto Concept Elite

GT5 Replay with JR’s G37,

forwarded from Brian.


niiiiceee 🙂

イイねぇぇ 🙂

we’re all sure JR is happy looking at this from heaven.


Congrats to ACE!

congrats to Auto Concept Elite for earning the Best Team 3 years in a row!! 🙂

3年連続ベスト・チーム、オートコンセプトエリートにオメデトウ!! 🙂

***photo courtesy of Brian Filoteo***

Congrats A.C.E.

she dirty licking the stick like that… 🙂

エロいねぇーそんな棒なんか舐めちゃって… 🙂

***photo courtesy of Brian***

forgot to post this… congrats to Auto Concept Elite at HIN Angel Staium Anaheim 🙂


Congrats A.C.E. G37

congratulations to Auto Concept Elite’s G37 for the award they have received at SEMA!! the G37 have receive “Best in Show” award, and now it will be in the next Gran Tourismo game on PS3!! and of course, we have our Holding Monster Logo placed on the car 🙂 thanks to the team and JR (the owner of the car) and others that supported this vehicle!! again, congrats guys!! i jacked some photos from Brian’s blog lol hahha enjoy the shots of this sexy mama.


***Photo Courtesy of Brian Filoteo***