AV Idol

Asami, Yuma

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Asami, Yuma. she’s HOT!


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Ozawa, Maria

mmm Maria Ozawa :). she’s a Japanese adult video idol, that is a year younger then me. we have close birthdates!! hers is on January 8th. mine is on January 5th. hahha whatevers, who cares. i do!! lol born in Hokkaido Japan where it is up north of the main land is. her dad is French-Canadian, and her mom is a happa, and there came out an exotic looking face with a rich black hair of a Japanese gene. until high school freshmen, she attended international school “Christian Academy in Japan”. she has two pets. she has a dog name Apolo, and a cat name Omi. how come i know so much about her? thanks to wikipedia japan hahaha her first sex experience and other stuffs are listed as well. cut and paste 小澤マリア to search online for more of her pictures.

小澤マリア :)。俺より一歳年下のAV女優です。誕生日近いんだよぉ!!彼女の誕生日は1月の8日。俺のは5日。まぁ、どぅでもいいんだけどさ(笑。いや、俺やっぱ結構気になるけどもw。北海道生まれのカナダ系の父方と日本人のハーフのお母さんの間で生まれた彼女。このエキゾチックな顔立ちと日本人特有の黒髪はそっから来てるんでしょうね。高校1年までインターナショナルスクールに通っていたそうです。クリスチャン・アカデミー・イン・ジャパン。ペットを2匹飼っていてアポロって名前の犬とオミって名前の猫だそうです。なんでこんなに詳しいかって?ウィキペディアに感謝でしょう(笑。初体験とか色々と書いてあるよ。

heres a clip of her speaking english.



a short clip of her at the beach.



and another of her teasing 🙂



you can check out her official blog as well from the link below.