birthday gift

Flea Markets and Farmer’s Market,


went to the Santa Monica Antique Flea Market over the weekend. didnt find anything though… unlike the Long Beach Antique Flea Market, it was really small. the only thing i was interested were those fries and hot dogs, which i didnt get to eat it 😦 haha



Candle of Skull,

Nori-kun and Izumi came over last night 🙂

ノリ君とイズミが昨日の夜来た 🙂

they brought me my late birthday gift!!


ahhh MAXFIELD?? whats in there?


koool 🙂 a  candle of skulls!! the smell was great. i dont want to use it though… lol

おぉぉぉ 🙂 シャレコウベのロウソクッ!!イイ匂いだったなぁ。でももったいないくて使えない…笑

Thanks Nori-kun and Izumi!!