Transformers Revenge of the Fallen,

we decided to pick up a movie at best buy 🙂

ベストバイで映画を一本ゲットしに 🙂

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

its actually my first time watching it. it was soo kooool!!



just bought the SHARP AQUOS blu-ray disc player 🙂

シャープ・アクオスのブルーレイプレイヤーをゲットしました 🙂

i guess i will have to update the firmware on this… planning to get the PIONEER one but this was $100 less and plus my TV is the AQUOS so thought of matching the brand. just had to buy that stupid HDMI cable which was like another $100 added on. my TV is 1080i but still worked fine. unless your not much into the graphic stuffs like frames per second, the transmitting speed, blah blah blah, 1080i works just fine like the 1080p. its not an ovbious difference. unless your a label whore that dont even know about it can pay more lol


the movie Kana-chan bought is the “Death Race”. bomb azz movie to watch it on the blu-ray 🙂 the graphic was so great that my eyes couldnt catch up to the high graphic-ness lol btw, the the movie was great as well!! it was more like an violent mario-cart lol hahaha maybe watch it again tonight… lol

見た映画はカナちゃんが買った(俺のワガママ聞いてもらったw)「デス・レース」。ブルーレイで見るこれ超ハンパねぇー 🙂 グラフィック綺麗すぎて目ショボショボだったよ見終わった後ww。あ、ちなみに、映画も最高だったよもちろん!!超危ねぇーマリオカートみたいな(笑。今晩ももう一回見るかな…w

just gotta look for some glitches for the firmware, if there is even one.


o yea, and gotta re-do my stupid shelf or else its gonna stay on top of the box lol