There has been a lot of debate that the seat is fake,

on the IND BMW M3.

no the seat is genuine and i was the direct source of the line. constant reader of this random blog is aware of my position. i’ve been in part of this project and i really don’t like seeing people brag about their ridiculous knowledge of our seats. lot of them says GRADUATION rather than GRADATION. yea i could hand in your preschool diploma kid.

if anyone has doubt of the authenticity of the seat, come to me and i can prove you the item is genuine.

Thank you.

1 Lap in the 1,

Berk Technology BMW 135i with Mike-san by MotoIQ.

Redline Time Attack season has 2 more to go. Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA and Auto club Speedway in Fontana, CA. won’t be attending Infineon (too far for me to drive lol), but Auto Club, will do 🙂 gotta figure a way to spot a lens… wish i could buy that 400 2.8 in cash right now… lol oh well, i’ll figure out something.

Dai’s Driving Academy 4,

Sunday September 20th was Dai’s Driving Academy 4 at Irvine, El Toro Air Field. weather was nice and clear. little wind and hot as hell lol out in the field with no shade is torture without sunscreen. this time, i almost got ran over… lol thanks Jin-san… hahaha o yea btw, you can now order prints. leave a comment with your email address and i will contact you back 🙂

9月20日の日曜日はDai’s Driving Academy 4でしたぁ。場所はアーバイン市内のエルトロ・エアーフィールド。元米軍基地です。天気は晴れで良好。風がほんの少しあって地獄のような暑さ(笑。影も無い中炎天下での撮影はまさに地獄。日焼け止め塗ってなければほぼ拷問w。今回は、ひかれそうになりました…笑。ジンさん、ありがとう…ww。今回から、写真のプリントサービスを始めました。コメントにメールアドレスを連載して頂ければこちらから連絡します 🙂

started my driving academy a little early on the 405 freeway lol


and here at the venue now. peeps setting up for the track.


and here the driver’s meeting start. alot more people then we expected.



Nick Heidfeld and the M3 Simulator

Nick Heidfeld drives the M3 simulator in Frankfurt IAA, 2007.


why i posted this old clip? check out my ISE2009 post. my friend sent me over some pics of the SMART Car driving simulator thingy. i had their website address, went to the page, and saw this clip. i searched on Youtube and found it, so i post it lol haha nothing special. just thought it was a kool thing to share.


he looks so happy when he got out from the car hahaha


also another clip of Nick Heidfeld and the BMW commercial for the E92 M3. entitled “The Switch”


初音ミク Studie GLAD BMW Z4

2009 entry. last year, they had a little trouble through the regulation and couldnt run the whole series. i think there is some fails other then the regulations.. but yea, history moves on… lol the GT300 class “Hatune-Miku Studie GLAD BMW Z4” car number 808. why is ASADA Racing into this??

2009年のエントリー。全年度の2008年はレギュレーションで多少問題があったそうで、全シリーズは走ってないみたいです。まぁ、レギュレーション以前の問題があるような気がするのは俺だけだろうか。痛車って…涙。まぁ、これも時代の流れの一つとして受け止めましょうね…w。GT300クラス、チーム名は「初音ミク Studie GLAD BMW Z4」。車輌は808号車。



these anime otaku industries… whats up? i mean… i dunno cant explain… hahaha


found a clip on Youtube.





their official blog:

E60 M5 Exhaust

so, havent been updating my blog for a while now. honestly, dont know what to write about… hahha so, when ever this happens, its time for some youtube surfing!! lol today, i would like to share a video clip of some aftermarket exhaust of an BMW E60 M5. the exhaust brand is Meisterchaft i believe. or is it one of the lines fromEisenmann? well,whatever the brand is who cares man this thing sounds crazy. hahha. it does not sound like a BMW to me.. lol but if ever i get a E60 M5, i have no choice but this bad guy. surely will be on my beemer roaring in the parking structures setting off alarms just like a high school kid.