Flash Fun

since the last shots i took with the speedlite 580EX II was a big time fail, i practiced. hahha. here are some of the new shots after the practice.

前回580EX IIで撮った写真はまったくのボツだったので、練習しました僕。ふふ。そんな数枚。

shot is been taken on a black surface (mouse pad)


another shot. isnt this a kool watch btw? this is “Gallucci” Limited Dragon series 3. it says Dragon but the belt has some kind of a imitation snake skin… lol hahha well it might be a something similar though… its a snake!! hahha. o yea, this watch is only like $350 USD and its automatic crafted with quality. you watch freaks should check it out :) yes Japan has such a great craftsmanship. go JDM hahha


above is a shot of my lovely Dupont 🙂


not the world’s best shots but better then last time. i think. hahha