Canon Speedlite 580EX II

DJ Meguru, Portrait

last night, i was at LA again for shooting DJ Meguru’s profile pics for Japan. going through La Cienega was b/s with those stupid taxi drivers driving like a Ahole.

昨夜はまたLA方面へ。今回はDJ Meguruのプロフィール写真の撮影です。あの時間帯のラ・シエナガはマジウンコ。クッソボケのタクシーの運ちゃん達がスゲームカつく運転してたよ。

in front of Beverly Center. havent gone here since Christmas i think.


going up on Crescent Heights.


a petite canyon run with a random Porshce Carrera in front of me.


and here i am towards the top of the mountain. geesh took me long enough.


Meguru came a little late… as usual… lol and Mika-san getting his make-up and hair done for the shoot. thanks for the Pizza and the beer!!


i was just chilling with her dog on the floor 🙂

その間に俺はと言うと床で犬っころと遊んでた 🙂

here’s some of the shots from that day.


Von Voyage DJ Meguru,

sorry Miho-chan, your eyes were closed… lol hahaha


past friday was Dj Meguru’s farewell bon voyage party @ Gonpachi, Beverly Hills.

この間の金曜日はDj Meguruの送別パーティー@権八ビバリーヒルズ店でした。

Meguru looking more then happy from the Vodka.



Welcome Back,

past Saturday, Shino came back to visit us from San Francisco.


went to BEAUX because Sunny was working that day. could’ve gone some where else but you know, were too nice not to leave Sunny behind lol so yea, like 8 of us went. wait, who ordered a bottle of Patron?


ahhh nice in chilled Patron is the shiet.


stacks of shot glasses. i had a Patron featuring tobasco shot too… lol


hooo gangsta!! lol


Kent and his new lens.



Lighters & Golf Balls,

you are chill’n at your room, and soon you will get bored.


so, you will stick in a lighter between your lower lip and your nose,


or, grab two golf balls and throw ’em in there.


add a accessory,



Flash Fun

since the last shots i took with the speedlite 580EX II was a big time fail, i practiced. hahha. here are some of the new shots after the practice.

前回580EX IIで撮った写真はまったくのボツだったので、練習しました僕。ふふ。そんな数枚。

shot is been taken on a black surface (mouse pad)


another shot. isnt this a kool watch btw? this is “Gallucci” Limited Dragon series 3. it says Dragon but the belt has some kind of a imitation snake skin… lol hahha well it might be a something similar though… its a snake!! hahha. o yea, this watch is only like $350 USD and its automatic crafted with quality. you watch freaks should check it out :) yes Japan has such a great craftsmanship. go JDM hahha


above is a shot of my lovely Dupont 🙂


not the world’s best shots but better then last time. i think. hahha


Canon Speedlite 580EX II

yay i got the Canon’s Speedlite 580EX II flash. this flash was maybe too much for me to use its performance to the fullest… hahha.

CanonのSpeedlite 580EX IIをゲッツ。このフラッシュ、果たして俺に使いこなせるのか?笑

i really dont like flashes… lol i just didnt like it. hahha. all the photos i take is wihout the use of flash. but just figured sometimes using a flash will be a better exposure so i decided to go buy one. hopefully, i can get use to the flash soon…