Capture One Pro 6

A Piranha Dancing with a Llama,


i’m hating the recycle time of the 580EX II. time to upgrade to a mono-block.

580EX IIのリサイクルタイムにイライラする。モノブロックにアップグレードだな。

whats in mind? the Profoto D1 Air.

どれがいいかって?ProfotoのD1 Air。

5 outfits, 3hours of shoot.






A Donkey Jumping Over a Huge Toad,

quick recap of today’s session.


yea, i make girls run LOL


thanks Yuri.


Canon EOS 7D

17-40mm F4L

70-200mm F2.8L

Zeiss 35mm F2.8

Capture One Pro 6

$6.99 a Pool,

the pool was dirt cheap at Babies R Us. $6.99 a bucket. couldn’t refuse since i’m a nice dad 🙂 hahaha

Babies R Usでプールがメッチャ安かったよ。一個$6.99。俺、良いパパだから買わずにはいられなかったよ娘のために 🙂 笑

she’s loving it with the thick eyebrows like me lol



Almost One,

she’s almost one years old.


tethering test with Lightroom and Capture One.

LightroomとCapture Oneでのテザー撮影テスト。

personally, Capture One is easier for me to use i guess…

個人的にはCapture Oneの方が使いやすいかなぁ、と…

i need to explore more in the Lightroom!!