Cassandra Cruz

If You Are Under 18, Please Do Not View This Link,

the unofficial Afro99 coverage (by me 🙂 ) of Funky Fresh 2 at Hollywood Canteen is finally here!! again, thanks to Cassandra Cruz and her friend. the following pics are the “deleted scenes” from the Afro99 website. i did cover the tips and the lips.

こっからはAfro99のウェブに載せられていない、ハリウッドキャンティーンでやったFunky Fresh2の裏写真だよ。もちろん撮影者はご存知しんのすけ。今回は変態カメラマンで 🙂 ww。カサンドラ・クルーズちゃんとそのお友達、アリガトウ。上と下の色々は隠しました。

if you are under 18, please do not click the following link. i said it once kids. if you are viewing these pics and getting a hard-on when your mom steps in your room, have fun making BS excuses with your pants half way down… hahahaha



Funky Fresh, Great Night it Was

past Saturday was a great night at Hollywood Canteen for 2nd annual Funky Fresh 🙂 special thanks to Cassandra Cruz and her friend for the appearance. we all, actually al the guys, loves you!!

昨日の土曜の夜は最高っした。ハリウッドキャンティーンで二回目となるファンキーフレッシュでした 🙂 カサンドラ・クルーズちゃんとそのお友達に大感謝です。皆、と言うよりも男ども全員が惚れ込んでたよ!!

starting off with afro99 DJ, MEG as usual.


o, i spot Edo-san!! i want free Falken Tires Edo… lol


live performance 🙂

ライブパフォーマンス 🙂

Fumi from C.O.R.E. Entertainment.

C.O.R.E. EntertainmentのFumi。

Cassandra Cruz!! never heard of her, but now i love her!!


wow wow whats going on here??


Afro Junkies!! Hide-san brought in his iPad in the mix!!


i told you guys man.


pics will be updated on the web soon!!


Pornstar Coming to Funky Fresh Tonight,

yes you heard and read it.

tonight at Funky Fresh,

Latin hottie Cassandra Cruz will be here for photo session and more 🙂

if you are a big fan of her, come and join us!!

see you guys at Hollywood Canteen, Los Angeles tonight.