Chrome Hearts


oh my gosh


are there any repair program available at Chrome Hearts? had this wallet for… dude almost a decade now? I need to get this fixed!!


I Got Chrome Hearts Shades,

thanks to Justin for the invite!! 🙂

ジャスティン呼んでくれて有難う!! 🙂

maaaaad cheap.


got this one funky ass motha fwacka.


retail $1090. i paid less then $250 🙂

低価が$1090. $250以下で購入 🙂

ahhh i am in love with this guy now.


The Gifts of Christmas

so here is what i got from my lovely people 🙂 took some pics to share since i didnt have anything to blog about… hahha dude 2008 is almost over and ready for the new 2009. was it the year of the cow next year? oh well, who cares. doesnt really matter what animal it is. 2009 is 2009. and here i come!! hahha .

めっちゃラブな人達からもらったクリスマスのプレゼント達です 🙂 自慢したかったんで、写真撮ってみたw。それに特にブログに書くことも無くね…笑。マジもうすぐ2008年も終わりで、2009の幕開けだよ。来年って丑年?俺ってもしかして年男?まぁ、なんでもいいけどさ。干支なんて特に関係ないっしょ。2009年は2009年なんだし。待ってろよこの野郎!!

Converse and John Varvatos collabo model, Jack Percel. yea the comfy kicks. my foot gets a bit icey since the fabric is thin. but still, i love ’em pair of Jack Percel 🙂 now i have two pairs. the other one i got 2 years ago is the creamy color one. maybe start colecting them next year.

コンバースとジョン・バルバトスのコラボモデル、ジャック・パーセル。馴染む靴です。生地が薄いから足がちょっと冷えるけど。でもそんなの関係ねぇー。スキはスキやねんジャック・パーセル 🙂 これで二足になったこのモデル。2年ぐらい前にクリーム系のを一足買ったです。集めちゃおうっかな来年から。

Orakel Dynasty Kiss Tee. never heard of these guys before. love the design of these two hot chicks about to kiss. woo hoo 🙂 and i will be in the middle when i wear this!! lol its good that she gave me this since i only have hard shirts right now. like skulls and, skulls and, skulls… lol dragons and some abstract looking ones. gave me a new taste of them for next year.

オラケル・ダイナスティーのキスTシャツ。ここは初めて聞くとこですねぇ。デザインめっちゃスキだわぁーこの女子二人がチューしそうなとこ。上がっちゃうよね 🙂 そして、これ着たら俺が真ん中になる!!ww(アホか)。ハードなTシャツしか持って無い俺にはこれ丁度良いよね。頭蓋骨とか頭蓋骨とか頭蓋骨しか持ってなかったからw。他にも龍のトライバル系のとかめっちゃ抽象的な感じのデザインとか。有難うラブちゃん。来年からはまた新しいテイストで行くさ僕。

Cardigan. never had one of these. hahha. this was in the H&M’s bag. nice and warm 🙂 btw, went to H&M in the Beverly Center yesterday for the second black Friday. oh mang it was so packed with Asians lol they were so packed that their bags were running out. wish our company was like that too… lol geesh the automotive industry sucks right now 😦

カーデガン。これ、実は初カーデガン(笑。今まで一枚も持ってなかったです僕。イイねこれ 🙂 ちなみに、これH&Mのなんですけど、昨日ビバセンに行ったらH&Mすんげー混んでた、アジア系でww。袋がもうなくなりそうって言ってたよ店員さんが。ウチの会社もそんだけ忙しくならなぃかねぇ…w。マジでアフターパーツ業界は今ウンティだは 😦

yea Marc Jacobs key chain. i love them. high quality with eye-openner price. it looks nice and expensive yea? but pretty good price for a gift. i was using the D&G keychain where i got for a birthday gift some years ago. now imma switch to this hotty right here 🙂

マーク・ジャコブスのキーチェーン。これかなりスキ♪かなりのクオリティーで目玉出る感じの値段。高級そうに見えるよねこれ?でもかなりのお手ごろ価格。前まで何年か前の誕生日でもらったD&Gのキーチェーン使ってたんだけど、速攻でこれに変えたッス 🙂

ahhh Chrome Hearts 🙂 one of my favorites. its getting old, but i still love them!!

クロムハーツ 🙂 かなりのお気に入り。もう古臭いかもしれんけど、やっぱスキなんです、ここ!!

dude are they gonna make me drunk!? lol


Thanks guys for all the great gifts!! love you 🙂

マジで有難う!!めっちゃラブ 🙂


yes Chrome Hearts.


i always wanted a Chrome Hearts wallet since i was in middle school. i met with this brand when i was in 7th or 8th grade. i was flipping through some fashion magazine and this guy caught my attention quicker then a snap second. fell in love afterwards. bought my first pendant of Chrome Hearts by saving my lunch money for years lol. the first Chrome Hearts was nice and heavy. its been like more than 10 years and is still my favorite . hahha


and now that i work as full time, i finally bought my wallet last year when i was 22 yrs old. i’ve always wanted this wallet since middle school. such an expensive wallet… hahhah this wallet was like $850 something mucho dineros. no middle school kid can buy this wallet for saving his lunch money and losing weight. hahha


the above picture is what i took. just changed the contrast of the picture and also some of the color balances to show the texture. man i love my wallet.