club photo

Good Old Days,

i miss shooting clubs now. it’s not that I quit, but don’t have that time right now.


should make a trip out there some time. ohhh but i need to prep myself before that (don’t have a flash for the M8). maybe i can use the Pocket Wizard, which i don’t have at this point lol oh well, we’ll see. if i have an opportunity, i will go.


for booking information, please visit my website and shoot me an email.



CONNECTION with Ai Kago, pics are uploaded on

my photos are been approved. all the images from CONNECTION with Ai Kago at Senor Fish has been updated at check out the special Kago-chan from Japan playing DJ and singing 🙂

僕の写真の許可おりました。Senor Fishで行われたCONNECTION with Ai Kagoの写真がafro99.comにてアップされています。歌ってDJを回す加護ちゃんをチェケアッチョしてみて下さい 🙂

TOKYO STYLE, the Snaps

was the house photographer again plus i was doing shots for the magazine in Japan. but, i didnt have the lens i wanted to use… so, rental rental rental!! hahahha


super thanks to 🙂

borrowlenses.com有難うございます 🙂

i even washed my car before the event lol


and the trunk became pretty much full with Kana-chan’s stuff for the fashion show.


and here at Club Tatou.


literally a Labor-ing Day weekend.


a lot more people then i expected.


click on the link below for more pics.