BRIDGESTONE Commercials,

BRIDGESTONE commercials are filled with humor.




Nick Heidfeld and the M3 Simulator

Nick Heidfeld drives the M3 simulator in Frankfurt IAA, 2007.


why i posted this old clip? check out my ISE2009 post. my friend sent me over some pics of the SMART Car driving simulator thingy. i had their website address, went to the page, and saw this clip. i searched on Youtube and found it, so i post it lol haha nothing special. just thought it was a kool thing to share.


he looks so happy when he got out from the car hahaha


also another clip of Nick Heidfeld and the BMW commercial for the E92 M3. entitled “The Switch”


Diesel, Safe For Work XXX

watch the humor launched from Diesel.


on thursday, my friend sent this link to me. some what hours later, i sent it to our distributor. he told me that he whored the link out to everyone on the morning lol and around 5:30pm, my other friend links it to me…. whats up with this automotive industry people? lol hahahaha


Shell, Ferrari Advertisement

i saw this clip at Adam from Z1’s blog ( today. this was actually my first time seeing this. reeeeeeeaallyyyy koooool ad. shows the history of the Ferrari race car and they are real. bad assss exhaust sound of them. i should make it as my ring tone. or maybe for my text message alert. hahha. btw, i saw the F430 on for sale with a price of $90,000 USD. sports car and exotic car prices are lowering right now… even a 06 Porsche Boxter S was below $50,000 USD. found a Aston Martin Vantage V8 for a low price too. well, yea still expensive. but with this rate of prices, i should be able to purchase a F430 when i’m like 45 years old (currently 23 as of 2008). fair age to drive a Ferrari yea?


so below is the clip of the actual ad. enjoy!! and get your speakers loud 🙂

下のクリップがそのCMです。見てみてっ!!あと、スピーカーの音量アップで 🙂

here is some of the making scene of the ad.