OS Giken Review

here is a quick email from OS Giken a while back.


If you have a chance, please check out the Feb. 09 issue of Grassroots Motorsports. An article concerning differentials is in there, comparing performance of the OS SuperLock, Kaaz, and the stock Torsen on an S2000. Needless to say, the SuperLock outperformed the competition and was the editors’ favorite of the 3.

Some highlights of the article:

“Essentially, the OS Giken provided the best of the two other differentials…”

“…he posted the fastest lap of the day when running the OS Giken…”

“Its very progressive lockup was just what our duo desired.”


Some things about the OS SuperLock that are not mentioned in the article:

          no break-in period required

          no need for rebuilds (with regular maintenance)

          as smooth as an open diff at low speed (no diff chatter), but still able to lock up to 100% under throttle

          no expense spared during manufacturing (raw-forged gears, heat-treated components, unique patented design)

My New Gadgets

finally i received my new cell phone, the LG KU990 VIEWTY.

やっとのことでLGのKE990 VIEWTYをゲッツ(古っ)

haven’t really played around with it yet. compared to the PRADA phone, this is more useful. their touch screen sensitivity andaccuracy has been much better with a lot more improvement. way better than some of those ATM machines. it might be easier to be comparing with the iPhone. but since i dont have it, i’m not gonna compare the two without not knowing the other. but at far as using the VIEWTY, its great. its lighter then the PRADA phone. a bit thicker because of the 5 mega pixel camera (or maybe not). here are some pics that i took with the VIEWTY.


not bad for a camera phone yea? auto focusing/manual focusing, ISO level up to 800, white balance of course, contrast, color tone, self timer, blah blah blah. also with their photo editing thingy as part of the VIEWTY’s firmware, becomes really handy. as you can see my car on the third picture, i changed the contrast level of the saved picture and added a stamp of heart. well, the heart looks a bit rough when moved to an computer… but as far as within the screen of the VIEWTY, its clear. also with the included stylus, you can write on the picture. havent really tried the video yet. i did, but havent uploaded yet. and i dont think i will.. lol the video can record up to 120 frames per second. it was fun recording my friend smoking a cigarette trying to make the “O” shape.


i also bought my Blue Tooth.



i bought the Jaw Bone. i was asking around my friends that works at the cell phone shop and they told me that at this time, Jaw Bone is probably the most clearest one around. so i trsuted my friend and bought the Jaw Bone blue tooth. outcome is good. kind a hate the ear bands though… oh well. for sound clearity, its great. dont even know how to use that noise cancellation thingy though… lol hahha. well, i should be able to figure it out some how.

結局Jaw Boneを購入です。携帯屋で働いてる友人に聞きまわったところ、これが今一番キレイに聞こえるだろうって言われたのでゲットです。結果は…良好です。この耳バンドがちょっと嫌いですが…まぁしょうがない。ただ問題は、ノイズ・キャンセレーションの使い方が今一判りません(笑。まぁ、そのウチ使えるようになるッショ。