Dai’s Driving Academy 3

i was at Dai’s Driving Academy 3 this past Saturday.

先週末の土曜日はDai’s Driving Academy 3に行ってましたぁ。

practicing my pictures again.


stop by at Mc Donalds of course for my 2 sausage egg muffin plus extra hash brown and orange juice 🙂 and to the gas station for the large size red bull try to get my wings, water, and cigarettes to be ready for the day!!

朝はマックでソーセージエッグマフィン2個のセットにハッシュブラウン一個追加でオレンジジュース 🙂 そしてガススタで翼を得るために無駄にデカめなレッドブルと水(大)とタバコで今日一日の準備は完了!!

first to the drift course per Inada-san. he wante more drifting pics this time.


and here i am, far away from the pit/paddock area.



ZELE 370Z, Corolla Super GT

got some flicks from Tokyo Auto Salon 2009. thanks to Eiji-san from Tomei USA 🙂

東京オートサロン2009の写真を東名のエイジさんから頂きましたぁ 🙂

370Z is not my date… hmmm made be for a one-night-stand?



Corol0la Super GT? GT300 class? gotta keep my eyes on it!!