Roll’n On the Knock-Offs,

so, i got this message through a friend of mine.

message reads as follows,

“Since My seats have arrived they are taken apart to be painted and cleared. I’m also adding a few comfort things to the racing seats. The seats are Very good knock offs. Strafe sells them for 1400 shipped. I am also going to use a Replica harness because I’m going to add the Strafe logo instead. These are my thoughts who cares where or what these 2 items are? I’m not going to track my car so who cares if they are real or knock offs I mod everything and why waste the money. The seats are sick. $1400 shipped is best part.. Now what Foo?”

now what foo?  the hell think you are.


oh, btw here’s the link to a build using this replica shiets.

the message buddy sent me was embedded from this thread.

amazing eh?

cant even take pictures correctly.

i dont understand why the thread viewers are commenting with “amazing ride, cant wait for the build to be done, etc etc” are they bunch of fags on the G35 forums? its a piece of shit lol is the car even a real G35? lol maybe its a knock-off. who knows. either way its a bad reputation for Infiniti. not a great way to start marketing for a used G35 cars…

but yea, if anyone is planning to buy a seat from Strafe Automotive (btw his name is Lawrence aka Law), go for it. its replica. who knows whats going to happen.  i’ve seen couple that snapped in half before. if you die, you die. dont blame it on me.

good luck hard parkers.


So When was the Last Time Spiderman Bought Seats?,

found this Spiderman colored ERGO II-ish seat… lol thanks for the heads up on Robert. but i dont think i can do anything since they got their own “CHINA RULE” thing. but seriously, whats up with this Spiderman color and the one massage chair looking one lol hahaha i dont understand how China can be expanding with counterfeit stuffs with piece of shiet quality…


Fake Fake Fake, S2CarbonWorks,

another spotting of the fake BRIDE seats.

all the BRIDE seats listed here is FAKE. who ever bought them from here bragging your car is a true JDM now, too bad. its TRD ( Taiwan Research & Duplicate) product.

under the seat was Accessories section with “GRADATION” RED fabric. do you know what a gradation is? its darker color to lighter color or vise versa. that is NOT a gradation you guys have it listed there. you guys should take art classes in kindergarten so the teachers will hold your hands and use body language (since S2Carbon guys seem to not understand english) to teach you what a gradation is. but hey, no worries guys.  i’ve seen worse. people couldnt even say gradation. they say GRADUATION… lol hahahaha sure you guys are in a need of diplomas.

please, no fake.

Counterfeit Shiets and Fwaks,

Counterfeit Shiets and Fwaks.

my dealer sent me this link the other day. another counterfeit shiets and fwaks seller on the forum. this time, not only our products but RECARO is listed as well. geesh.

so, i decided to contact the forum owner to see if there is any way we can regulate these motha fwakers. regulating by meaning, examine the seller’s product before being posted on the forums. who will be examining the product will be the manufacturer’s representative. if its counterfeit, delete it. simple enough even my monkey can handle it. i do understand that some of the forums members are sponsor to run the site and this may result some sponsor people to leave the forum. but shiet mang i dont give a fwak about it.

they got back to me the next day saying they dont have any way of telling if the seller is posting genuine or counterfeit. dude, thats why i suggested!! he also told me the seller havent mentioned that the item(s) being a knock-off. but he actually did mention the stuffs are replica and its a facsimilesof the genuine product. and they told me that the only way to find out if it WAS (isnt it too late?) fake or not is the buyer biyatching about it. yea, sounds a big help to me. he did not really answer my question at all.

sent him another email today of what kind of issues we had with the counterfeit products.

-back shell snapping off

-reclining latch being loose

-materials fading quickly

-etc etc etc

the big problem is the first one i’ve mentioned.

back shell snapping off.

racing seat not only holds you from the forces but also protects you. the seat is a cage of your life. thats why there is FIA approval for race use and ASEA, or other safety inspection approval for any other usage. you dont want to ride a roller-coaster with some cheap safety protection right? what if that latch snaps off and fall out during a loop?  never know whats going to happen. it will be too late when some one loses their life. luckily never happened with the counterfeits. but if it happens, those people better not come to us. i aint gonna cover your azz for the blame. and people that actually wants fake shiets being a cheap azz, you made the choice. dont even contact me to exchange the seat.

i might be just over exaggerating since the sales are decreasing and i’m just too desperate to get the sales back… lol

but hey, counterfeit producers,

yea, thats right fwak off yo.


one of my customers emailed me today to verify the seat.

another FAKE on

o, heres the link.


Q:  You say this seat weights 17kg or 38 lbs. Is that correct? I’ve heard these seats weigh less? Thanks
Hello, yes that is correct. These are the numbers that bride gave us, thank you.
Q:  I’m looking for a black gradation or blue? Can you get blue?
Hello, I am sorry we don’t have blue. Thank you.
  Q:  Hello, I am interested in either two of the Red Cuga or Gias Kevlar Gradation. If these are made in Japan and not Taiwan, why is item location in Taiwan…more
Hello, the item location is in Taiwan because we are located in taiwan and we purchased them from Japan. A normal racing seats consist of three things,…more
Q:  Hi, I might be interested in the Bride seat seat you are selling. Do you have a Gias Low Max, black with gradiation, standard cushion? If so, how…more
This auction is the Black with Gradiation GIAS seat. Are you looking for Gias Sports with full blacjk and red stitching? Shipping would take approx 10-15…more


dude, the first question about the weight, that is NOT correct you stupid eBay seller mothafacka. even with  the box is 34lbs. the actual seat’s weight is less then 30. your shiz weighs a lot cuz its a fake!!! what evers BRAKESTOP 101.

it just pisses me off that some people do attend car shows with fake shiz. and the judges dont even know lol wtf is up with that? not gonna mention any names but…  dude, and they claim its JDM. now mang those are not JDM. TRD right there. Taiwan’s Research & Duplicate. i’m not being racist ok? its just that, in this industry lot of the fake stuffs gets imported from Taiwan. no harm! i love Taiwanese people!! my ex was Taiwanese hahaha

I’m Planning to Purchase a Fake BRIDE

so i had this dumbest phone call ever. a guy calls me asking me that he is planning to purchase a counterfeit BRIDE seats on eBay. hahha why are you asking ME??? why would i care? you made your mind purchasing the fake piece of shiets so why calling us now? then, yea go and buy the fake ones. not my business and i am not seeking for a customer like that. sorry guys.



many of my dealers and customers are telling me there is a fake GIAS out in the forum. the posts are asking for group buys of 10 pieces. below is the image i got from the BMW forum.


hahha it has a black FRP shell wtf. this guy spelled GIAS wrong too. he wrote GAIS on the description. hahha he should spell it G-A-Y-A-S-S. this fake GIAS seems to be around the forums for a while. Yesterday, admin for one of the HONDA forum called me regarding this fake GIAS. He told me he had couple threads about them so he deleted for me. thanks Eric!!

ウケる!!GIASなのにシェルが黒のFRP。GIAS SportがFRPのシェルだけど、これはシルバーのラメラメのFRP使用。黒ではないっす。しかもシートの詳細の所でGIASのつづり間違えてるし。GAISって…笑。どーせならG-A-Y-A-S-Sって書きゃーいいのに。結構この偽者のGIASは出回ってるみたいで…HONDA系のフォーラムのアドミンから昨日連絡があって、消しといたからぁー♪と有り難い行為が。助かります。エリック有難う!!

as i read through the whole thread about the group buy some people did buy them. Eric over at Drive Line Motoring said he actually saw the fake GIAS in the car. the owner didn’t say it was real but didn’t say it was a fake either. if they bought it knowing its a fake, they should have some integrity toward the FAKE thing. if they are gonna feel some guilt or be disgraceful about it, why buy them?


from this thread (or threads) people are now emailing me diectly asking me if its fake or not. why wont they use common sense? i mean, if they are on the forums only, can’t they at least sense it somehow that something might be wrong with the seat? of course the seller will say “yes” to all the questions like “is it comfortable?”. some guy wrote “yea the seat looks identical. the cloth looks identical. blah blah blah”… okay mister, enough lecture for the GIAS seat.


i don’t really care if people buys this fake GIAS or any of the fake BRIDE seats out in the market.  what ever happens to them, its not our fault. one time, Taka Aono was at a auto cross (or something) event driving a car with a fake BRIDE ERGO II. during a turn, the seat could not hold the G any more. the back rest snapped off. good thing he wasnt driving that thingy on the street. it could have caused him a huge accident. if it happened to you, well thats too bad. you should have kept safety as your first consideration.  not price or the looks of the actual product. even the GIAS is not FIA approved (i don’t think any of the recliners in the market are), but still its been approved by the NAPAC associatin of Japan. does the fake GIAS has any approval? i doubt it.

偽もんを買おうが正直僕の知った事では無い。何が起きても責任は取らないし取れない。買った商品が偽者だったら。以前ドライバーの青野タカさんがジムカーナか何かのイベントの時に乗った車が偽もんのERGO IIをつけたらしいのですが。試乗の際にシートがGに耐え切れず背もたれが折れたそうです。これが道で運転している時じゃなくて本当に良かった。大事故につながっていたかもしれないですからね。もし同じ体験をした人、正直な話、同情もしません。シートを購入の際に安全第一で考えなかったのがいけないと思います。値段でも、商品の見た目でもなく。確かにGIASはFIAを取得していません。でも ちゃんとNAPACの認定もあります。偽者の方はどうだろぅ?無いだろうね。

he full bucket/recliner seat is there supporting your life.

i would like more people to understand the significance of the racing seat.