Roll’n On the Knock-Offs,

so, i got this message through a friend of mine.

message reads as follows,

“Since My seats have arrived they are taken apart to be painted and cleared. I’m also adding a few comfort things to the racing seats. The seats are Very good knock offs. Strafe sells them for 1400 shipped. I am also going to use a Replica harness because I’m going to add the Strafe logo instead. These are my thoughts who cares where or what these 2 items are? I’m not going to track my car so who cares if they are real or knock offs I mod everything and why waste the money. The seats are sick. $1400 shipped is best part.. Now what Foo?”

now what foo?  the hell think you are.


oh, btw here’s the link to a build using this replica shiets.

the message buddy sent me was embedded from this thread.

amazing eh?

cant even take pictures correctly.

i dont understand why the thread viewers are commenting with “amazing ride, cant wait for the build to be done, etc etc” are they bunch of fags on the G35 forums? its a piece of shit lol is the car even a real G35? lol maybe its a knock-off. who knows. either way its a bad reputation for Infiniti. not a great way to start marketing for a used G35 cars…

but yea, if anyone is planning to buy a seat from Strafe Automotive (btw his name is Lawrence aka Law), go for it. its replica. who knows whats going to happen.  i’ve seen couple that snapped in half before. if you die, you die. dont blame it on me.

good luck hard parkers.


Counterfeit Shiets and Fwaks,

Counterfeit Shiets and Fwaks.

my dealer sent me this link the other day. another counterfeit shiets and fwaks seller on the forum. this time, not only our products but RECARO is listed as well. geesh.

so, i decided to contact the forum owner to see if there is any way we can regulate these motha fwakers. regulating by meaning, examine the seller’s product before being posted on the forums. who will be examining the product will be the manufacturer’s representative. if its counterfeit, delete it. simple enough even my monkey can handle it. i do understand that some of the forums members are sponsor to run the site and this may result some sponsor people to leave the forum. but shiet mang i dont give a fwak about it.

they got back to me the next day saying they dont have any way of telling if the seller is posting genuine or counterfeit. dude, thats why i suggested!! he also told me the seller havent mentioned that the item(s) being a knock-off. but he actually did mention the stuffs are replica and its a facsimilesof the genuine product. and they told me that the only way to find out if it WAS (isnt it too late?) fake or not is the buyer biyatching about it. yea, sounds a big help to me. he did not really answer my question at all.

sent him another email today of what kind of issues we had with the counterfeit products.

-back shell snapping off

-reclining latch being loose

-materials fading quickly

-etc etc etc

the big problem is the first one i’ve mentioned.

back shell snapping off.

racing seat not only holds you from the forces but also protects you. the seat is a cage of your life. thats why there is FIA approval for race use and ASEA, or other safety inspection approval for any other usage. you dont want to ride a roller-coaster with some cheap safety protection right? what if that latch snaps off and fall out during a loop?  never know whats going to happen. it will be too late when some one loses their life. luckily never happened with the counterfeits. but if it happens, those people better not come to us. i aint gonna cover your azz for the blame. and people that actually wants fake shiets being a cheap azz, you made the choice. dont even contact me to exchange the seat.

i might be just over exaggerating since the sales are decreasing and i’m just too desperate to get the sales back… lol

but hey, counterfeit producers,

yea, thats right fwak off yo.

GT Channel 350Z

here is what Koki-san from GT Channel sent me a while back.

この写真はGT Channelの湖亀さんが送ってくれました。

thanks for your support GT Channel!! 🙂

多大なサポート有難うございますGT Channelさん!! 🙂

Why a Recliner?

***CR1AGS, CUGA shown***

made a post of why choosing a full bucket before. i understand that not all people desires a full bucket. like i listed on the full bucket post, does not recline, too tight, blah blah blah. that is why we have the recliner models 🙂 feedback earned from the full bucket and the actual race scene, BRIDE recliner is a “Sport Seat” instead of a “Racing Seat”.


so what is the difference between a “Sport seat” and a “Racing seat”. a lot of the people brackets the after market seat with “Racing Seat”. but from my point of view, i do not think so. Racing seat is a full bucket. an actual seat that you can enter time attacks or circuit battels, rally, etc where it requires different criteria to enter the race. i do not mean others are not professional compared to the others. but the inspection for, lets say like the Auto Cross series, is less criteria that you have to pass. You can enter a Auto Cross event with the recliner type seat but you cant enter a time attack event with a recliner seat. that is why i placed it as “Sport seat” instead of “Racing seat”.


it does not mean that these “Sport seat” will not perform the same as the full buckets. all the bolsters are designed under the human ergonomics just like the full bucket but with more paddings and a recliner mechanism added for comfort. it will give you a better control over your steering wheel and less body roll compared to your stock seat. your eye level will be lower compared to the stock seats as well but not as the full bucket series. therefore, if you are in need of some more support, but the full bucket is a too much for you, there is a choice of recliner type seat. it will of course cost a little more then the full bucket, but the comfort and the performance you gain from installing this seat is worth it.