From D1GP USA Rd.1,

ahh look what i found. me and Ando-san at D1GP Rd.1. thanks Robert!! 🙂

見てみてぇこんなん見つけたよ。D1GP開幕戦での俺と安藤さん。ロバート有難う!! 🙂


Drifting Event May 2nd,

past weekend was a drifting event at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA. the first event for them. there was a lot of visitors arriving at the venue then i was expecting. became a pretty busy day for us since we had our booth near the entrance 🙂 special thanks to Ali!!

先週末はカリフォルニア州、アナハイムのエンジェル・スタジアムでドリフトのイベントが開催されました。思ってたよりも会場にはお客さんが多かったですねぇ。ウチは中々忙しかったですよお蔭様です。ブースの場所も入り口のすぐ側だったので 🙂 D1のUS役員のアリーに感謝っす!!

had booth with WEDS wheels 🙂 that florescent yellow wheel was a eye candy.

今回はWEDSさんと一緒にブースの出展でした 🙂 あの蛍光イエローはかなりの注目でした。

this guys right here.


below are the other wheel we had there as for display.


we had the XAX II Limited Edition, and the new ZETA III XL (US only) as display.

ウチはXAX IIの限定版と、新商品のZETA IIIのXL(US販売のみ)をディスプレイしました。

Jason from MINE’S had a kool idea of displaying the shirts. Arigato mang 🙂

マインズのジェイソンがカッコよくTシャツをディスプレイしてくれました。ありがと 🙂

in front of us was GReddy, and Sasha Singleton was modeling. i loved her more before she got the implants… she is still hot, but i prefer the non-implants. who agrees with me???


over all, the event was… below average. why? first of all, the day for set-up, this one dude with some shades on came by with the kick-board strolling around our booth. came by and told us “you guys fuked it up.” i mean, wtf? buddy of mine told me the booth is here and i double checked with isle spacing and everything. and this kick-board shades motha fucka swings by and tells me to move. talking to me like that? couple minute later, he figured out HE was WRONG. but, never said sorry or anything. i was about to run up to him and jack his kick-board, throw it in the trash-can, shatter his cheapy shades, tie him up and drag that fool with my Z around the drift course.


i understand this was the first event. but wish it was more organized.


Stepping Out Into the Future




– Judges to Use Data from “DriftBox” Derived System to Help Determine Scores –


LOS ANGELES (February 9, 2009) – D1GP USA ( www.d1gp.com ), the motorsports industry’s premier drifting series, announced today its judging procedures for the 2009 season will include the use of a comprehensive telemetry based data acquisition and video system to provide a more accurate and transparent method for scoring. Dubbed the D1GP USA PRO 1, the system will provide drivers with a level scoring field that dramatically increases the accuracy of the scoring process. D1GP USA has also announced its head judges and Competition staff for the series. The head judges will include “Drift King” Keiichi Tsuchiya, D1 Grand Prix, Option Magazine & Tokyo Auto Salon founder Daijiro Inada and TV announcer and former driver Manabu Suzuki. Terence Jenkins will act as the SVP of Operations and the events Competition Director while Chiaki Goto will serve as the events Technical Director.



Based on Racelogic’s highly successful “DriftBox”, the D1GP USA PRO 1 utilizes new proprietary algorithms and is able to measure a driver’s drift angle with 0.5 degree of accuracy, speed within 0.1mph and lateral g loads within 0.01g. This data is calculated 10 times per second and transmitted from the competition vehicle via telemetry directly to the scoring table. D1GP USA will also utilize the Racelogic Video VBOX system. The Video VBOX is a high quality solid-state video recorder combined with a GPS data logger and real-time graphics engine. This will record the action from inside the vehicle during competition and overlay the PlayStation style graphics on screen showing drift angle, speed and g-force loads.



Scores for drift angle, speed and lateral g-forces will be taken from the data provided by the D1 GP USA PRO 1, with each representing a large percentage of the overall score. Line will be scored by the judges along with the final component – style – the only subjective criteria determined by the average of the three D1 Judges’ scores.

The Judges

Each D1GP USA event will be scored by a three judge panel, consisting of two appointed American judges (not yet named) and one of the following head judges:

Keiichi Tsuchiya

A professional driver and also known as “Drift King” otherwise as Dorikin for his nontraditional use of drifting in non-drifting racing events, and his role in popularizing drifting as a motorsport. He is also known for touge (mountain pass) driving. Tsuchiya will be the head judge at the Miami , Philadelphia and Chicago D1GP USA events.

Daijiro Inada

Inada may be the largest celebrity in Japanese automotive culture. He is most notably the founder of Option Magazine and its video spin-off series, creator of the D1 Grand Prix series, and founder of the Tokyo Auto Salon, which is the largest automotive event in the world. Daijiro Inada is the heart of Japanese automotive culture and will be an alternate head judge for the D1GP USA series.

Manabu Suzuki

A former driver, journalist, sport announcer and radio and TV presenter for the automotive industry, Suzuki competed in the Formula Toyota and Saurus Cup until the mid-nineties. He became well known for working with Option as a writer and presenter for the magazine’s offshoot video magazine, Video Option and Drift Tengoku . Suzuki is best known as one of the three original key judges (the other being Keiichi Tsuchiya and Manabu Orido) in the D1 Grand Prix series.


Competition Staff

D1GP USA has also named Terence Jenkins and Chiaki Goto, two of the most experienced people in the world of drifting, to its on-site personnel. Terence Jenkins will take the reigns as D1GP USA’s Competition Director. Jenkins founded Lateral G Racing and along with his driver Samuel Hubinette, the team went on to become crowned the first ever championship winning American drift team. Jenkins went on to form the WDC and since 2005 he has provided drift exhibitions, promoting the sport of drifting at major Indy Racing League events. Additionally, Terence ran Octane TV, a cable TV On Demand, Broadband and Mobile network focusing on automotive programming. Within three years Terence had developed a loyal audience of over 11 million. The longest running Octane TV show was “Drift Scene” which he dedicated to both Pro and Amateur drivers in the sport of drifting. Chiaki Goto will serve as D1GP USA’s Technical Director. A former endurance racing champion and Director of the 2003 JIC Magic Drift team, Goto brings his experience with drifting in Japan over to the United States to help support the growth of D1GP USA.

“In traditional racing the first person across the finish line wins, but drifting competitions are not so cut and dry. With the D1GP USA PRO 1 system, we are finally able to quantify many aspects of a drift and remove the subjectivity from the scoring process,” said Rich Goodwin, president of D1GP USA. “We also feel that we have put together a very solid team of the best known and most well-respected industry professionals to bring D1GP USA’s competitors and fans the best possible experience.”


Driven Events, Inc. (D1GP USA Management)

D1GP USA is operated by Southern California based Driven Events. The company licensed the rights to D1 Grand Prix in the United States in late 2008 and shares a long-term vision with D1GP Japan. Driven Events is made up of auto industry insiders, led by Hot Import Nights founders Rich Goodwin and Michael Munar. Goodwin and Munar partnered with Ed and Emil Arguelles, founders of Extreme Autofest, and brought on many of the original HIN & Autofest team members to help develop one of the best new drifting events in the U.S.

For more information on the D1GP USA, please visit http://www.d1gp.com. For media inquiries please contact Lynne Kristensen, lynne@drivenmc.com.