Del Amo mall

Friday Saturday Sunday Recap.,

fridayafter work, we went to the gym 🙂 to play racket ball. mang we stayed there for 2 hours straight racketting the ball to the wall. did some weights after.

金曜日は仕事の後ジムに行きましたぁ 🙂 ラケットボールをしに。2時間も部屋にこもってラケットでボールを壁にブチ当ててたよ。その後はウェイトの方を少々ね。

they had their last round after the two hours. i was just watching afterwards lol


went home, took a shower, and to Tea Station on Redondo to kick it with the Rogan-san crew.


sorry, had to steal it off from you lol next time, i will be sure to intro you guys!! sorry about that 😦 i had great time with you guys!

ゴメンとりあえず写真パクったよ(笑。あ、今度はちゃんと紹介するから!!ゴメンね 😦 っつーか超楽しかったよ!!

on the way back, had this.


hooo 7777 🙂 something good might happen. well, was already raining that time. went to Video Japan afterwards thinking someone might be there… hahaha and apparently, my buddies were there. we talked until birds started churping. talked about Dragon Ball (lol) and girls and stuff. some drunk azz rand toward me with her oobies shak’n. felt like slapping them oobies lol i ended up reaching home after 5am

おぉぉぉ7777 🙂 イイ事があるかも。まぁ、すでに雨は降ってたんだけどね。そのままビデジャに行きましたぁ。誰か居るかなぁ~と思って寄ってみたら…居たぁー♪鳥が囀り始めるまで喋ってたよ。ドラゴンボールの事とか(笑)女の子とか色々と。途中、某酔っ払いが乳ズを揺さぶりながら来た。その乳ズをビンタしたろか思ったよ(笑)結局家い帰ったのは朝の5時過ぎだったねぇ。

Saturday, nothing really special. buddy came over to pick up my wacom. o yea btw, you forgot your eraser!! lol after that, i studied for a bit (yea i’m going to school right now) and went over to Kana-chan’s house and watched 252 -Seizonsha Ari-. Tokyo collapses of a huge tsunami and people be trapped underground waiting for the rescue. and while waiting, a lot of drama occurs within the 5 of them that survived underground.


Sunday,went to Del Amo and ate at Johnny Rockets.


btw you see that chick thats in the back? her make-up was soooooo dark, the color of her face and the neck was different. it aint sexy at all mang.


and just wondered around the mall for a bit. we had a dinner reserved at Il Chianti at 6pm so we ha to get ready. went with the 4 of us and stayed there for 4 hrs… hahaha just eating and chatting. afterwards, we went home and watched BATMAN, The Dark Knight. kool movie, but long. dont know if its the trend or not but recent movies are long enough to get your pack of cigarettes finished. at least Dark Knight was interesting enough to keep my accompanied.


yea, nice weekend for me 🙂 hahaha

なかなかな休日だったよね 🙂 ww