dj kawasaki

DJ Kawasaki, You Can Make It Feat. Tasita D’Mour

i was listening to this song the whole day.


DJ Kawasaki, song titled “You Can Make It feat. Tasita D’Mour” nice song, i like 🙂

DJ Kawasakiで、曲名は”You Can Make It feat. Tasita D’Mour” これ良いね、好き 🙂

DJ Kawasaki – Beautiful feat. Lina Fujii

i been listening to her song for the whole day. don’t know why.. i just like it even though her english a bit hard to listen phrase by phrase (or maybe my ear is not that good at all) . i just love the tone of this song and the singer Lina Fujii (Rina Fujii?) is cute. shes a model for some of the fashion magazines in Japan. her laughter seems to be young. gotta google about her more!! hahha. the clip below is the song “Beautiful Feat. Lina Fujii” by DJ Kawasaki. enjoy 🙂

最近、一日中この曲聴いてる。ナゼだろう…w。ただたんに好きなのよね。たまに英語が聞き取りにくいけども(それか俺の耳がアカン事になってる?)。とにかく、この歌のトーンが好きでねぇ。後この藤井リナちゃん。カワイイわぁー。なんか雑誌のモデルとかやってる子なんでしょ?この間「爆笑レッドカーペット」に出てたよゲストで。笑った感じが若いねぇ。もっとGoogle先生に聞かないと!!笑。下はそんな藤井リナちゃんが歌うDJ Kawasakiの一曲、「Beautiful」です:)