Driver’s High,

last Friday, went to Iccho in Torrance with the Boso Garage crew, Hiro-kun, Koji-san and his friend, Taka-san, Takatori-san, and me.

先週の金曜日はBOSO Garageの面々、ヒロ君、コウジさんとそのお友達にタカさんと高取さんと俺とでトーランスのICCHOへ行って来ました。ミーハーにはたまらないであろうドリフト業界の面々。

mang Frank… lol our table finished off lots of pitchers. like how real man drinks!! hahaha


Takatori-san looking way too happy 🙂

高取さん、嬉しすぎですよw 🙂

the BOSO crew left to some birthday party or something and Koji-san left too. so the 4 of us went to BAYSIDE for another drink.


drifters are crazy lol


This is How We Drink

went out for a drink the other day with the 4 of us. when to out for a grub, and to drinking. we opened 4 bottles of Shochu (Japanese Soju) in like about… 2 hours maybe? and my friend is knocked out… lol below is a picture of the after math at the karaoke spot.


Random Drinking

we had some random drinking night at my friend’s new apartment on Narbonne Ave., CA. the place was really great with flooring and the interiors displayed by him. what a pimp apartment he lives in. we just had some finger foods and snacks with beers, champagne, some wines and sake. what a mix of alcohols… hahha. just thought of sharing some of the pics i took at his house.


 the owner. 家の主。

the interior. インテリア。

people. 皆。

more people. もっと皆。

and more. そしてもっと。

yea it was fun. i have more, but maybe censored lol