There has been a lot of debate that the seat is fake,

on the IND BMW M3.

no the seat is genuine and i was the direct source of the line. constant reader of this random blog is aware of my position. i’ve been in part of this project and i really don’t like seeing people brag about their ridiculous knowledge of our seats. lot of them says GRADUATION rather than GRADATION. yea i could hand in your preschool diploma kid.

if anyone has doubt of the authenticity of the seat, come to me and i can prove you the item is genuine.

Thank you.

Nick Heidfeld and the M3 Simulator

Nick Heidfeld drives the M3 simulator in Frankfurt IAA, 2007.


why i posted this old clip? check out my ISE2009 post. my friend sent me over some pics of the SMART Car driving simulator thingy. i had their website address, went to the page, and saw this clip. i searched on Youtube and found it, so i post it lol haha nothing special. just thought it was a kool thing to share.


he looks so happy when he got out from the car hahaha


also another clip of Nick Heidfeld and the BMW commercial for the E92 M3. entitled “The Switch”