who just felt the earthquake?

who just felt the earthquake?? i did!! hahha it was pretty shaking for a while too.. hmm.. good thing my office didnt collapse 🙂 dude its been a while since the last earthquake in California. since when? like 10 years ago or something… MORE Japan has just updated their blog too with picture of their “Ikkyu-san” underneath the desk lol

今地震を感じた人いますか??俺!!w。結構揺れてたよねぇ…いやいやでも会社が潰れなくて良かったよ。っつかカリフォルニアで最後にあった地震からもう何年経ったろうね?10年以上ぶりっしょ。ちなみに、MORE Japanのブログがアップされてました。社員の一休さん(笑)が必死こいて机の下に隠れてますw

***Courtesy of Ikkyu-san***