CANON 7D Randoms,

last night, i was playing around with the 7D which i just got yesterday.


feels nice and good in my hands!!


below is the shot with a help of ZAKU 🙂 hahha

下はザクに手伝ってもらった一枚 🙂 ww


Av Mode, 1/80, 2.8, ISO100, WB temp 5200K, picture style normal


Nature Blessings,

took the camera with me for some practice shots of the sunset. the camera used is Canon EOS Rebel XSi, also known as Kiss X2 in Japan, or 450D. well, its not like i have collections of cameras… hahha. the camera is equipped with BG-E5 and the lens i used is SIGMA 28-300mm 1:3.5-6.3 Macro. i will explain the settings of the camera with the shots. nothing professional. hahha~

カメラ持って夕陽を撮る練習してました。今回使用したカメラはキャノンのEOS Rebel Xsi。日本で言うKiss X2ですね。もしくは450D。まぁ、今回使用したカメラって言ってもこれしか持って無いんですけどね…笑。カメラの装備はBG-E5とシグマの28-300mm 1:3.5-6.3マクロ・レンズです。カメラ自体の設定は写真毎に説明します。素人な写真ですが…ふふ。

all the images are shot with RAW files.


so here is the first shot. Tv of 1/4000, Av of F5.6, ISO speed of 400 and focal length of 139.0mm. WB is auto. color tone has been lowered on the camera side, sharpness and contrast has been raised as well. didnt really change anything when i developed it from RAW file.


heres another shot. Tv of 1/2000, Av of F8, ISO speed 400 with focal length of 58.0mm. WB is auto with this shot as well. didnt change the setting of the sharpness and the contrast from the previous shot. this shot and the previous shot was taken at a park near my house called Descanso Park. descanso means recess or break time in spanish. sure looks like a break time view for me.


this was taken at Palos Verdes, at some random cliff. since the clouds were not what i expected to be, decided to take a shot with some random plant i found. looks like a shot of National Geographic to me… lol well, heres the setting i used for this. Tv of 1/125, Av 6.3 and ISO speed of 100. WB is auto like always (lol) and focal length is 300.0mm. wanted something a little dark this time. maybe it was to dark… oh well.


not a sunset, but some birds flying pretty low by the ocean at the same cliff. shot setting is Tv 1/50, Av 5.6, ISO of 100 with focal length 222.0mm. contrasts and color settings are the same from the other shots. wish i had a better close of up the birds. i should start hiding in the forests or something.