My Glasses Fogged Up,

Libertine last night was packed. it was so packed with people crammed in a small room, my glasses fogged up lol thanks to everyone who came out last night. such a night.


pics will be uploaded soon to afro99.com


Night was Chaotic,

its almost an year now since we started FABULOUS.


time flies.


Meg came back 🙂

帰って来たメグちゃん 🙂

Keith banging the congos.


shots anyone?


Libertine was literally filled with people.


we had to close the club due to over capacity… fire dept came in, police came in, streets were blocked by the cops, undercover, etc. it was chaotic.


pics will be soon to be uploaded at Afro99.com


Busy Saturday Part 2,

right after the first photoshoot, had to make a coverage of “Fabulous at Libertine” by Afro99. got home around 6:30pm and straight to Hollywood.

撮影の後すぐにAfro99主催の”Fabulous at Libertine”の撮影がありました。午後6時半頃帰宅でそこから直でハリウッドへ。

opening mix by DJ Yuki. we we’re double booked again… 😦 the other promoters promised to have 200 plus people… but that didnt happen… lol hahha oh well, shiet happens. we still had decent amount of people that night.

オープニングはDJ Yuki。今回はまたしてもダブルブッキングされてたって言う… 😦 相手側のプロモーターは200人連れて来るぜオーラバンバンだったのに…居なかったよね…笑。まぁーしゃーない。そんな時もあるよ。それでも人数はそれなりに入っていてくてました。

happy early birthday Hide-san!!


my model earlier this day came too 🙂

先のモデルさんも来てくれました 🙂


FABULOUS at Libertine,

renewed!! FABULOUS at Libertine will now be every 1st Saturday 🙂

same location, more love!! no wait, that sounded corny… lol

undecided for this weekend? swing by to Libertine on Sunset Blvd to join us!!

house music FTW!!

will be there as a photographer as usual.

for details, please review the flyer.

FABULOUS Night at Libertine Los Angeles,

as usual the crowds were FABULOUS at Libertine 🙂

毎度おなじみ、盛り上がりは最高だったFABULOUS 🙂

only down side was that they double booked it… lol


but yea, shiet happens hahhaha


more pictures will be uploaded on the web, afro99.com soon. currently they are re-doing the web site right now. stay tuned…


If You Got No Plans for Tonight,

come by to Libertine on Sunset Blvd and join us for the night!! 21+, no cover charge 🙂

土曜の夜の予定に困っている人はサンセット沿いにあるリバティーンへっ!!21歳以上、入場無料ッ 🙂

for all the house music lovers!! 🙂

ハウス好きの皆さぁぁ〜〜ん!! 🙂

FABULOUS at Libertine,

busy weekend it was. MOD and FABULOUS. why did it have to be on a same day? lol oh well at least i have today (monday) off 🙂

忙しい週末でした。MODにFABULOUS。なんで同じ日なんだよ?笑。でもまぁ月曜代休だからいいけどね 🙂

pics will be uploaded on the web soon 🙂

写真はウェブの方で近々アップされます 🙂

Pics are Updated for Fabulous, at Libertine

click the above pic 🙂

上の写真をクリックしてね 🙂

its always Fabulous at Libertine 🙂 dont miss, every second Saturday!!

リバティンはいつもファブラス :) 毎月、第二土曜日はリバティン、夜露死苦ッ!!