I’m Planning to Purchase a Fake BRIDE

so i had this dumbest phone call ever. a guy calls me asking me that he is planning to purchase a counterfeit BRIDE seats on eBay. hahha why are you asking ME??? why would i care? you made your mind purchasing the fake piece of shiets so why calling us now? then, yea go and buy the fake ones. not my business and i am not seeking for a customer like that. sorry guys.


Clipping Point

your in my way mang!!!!


sure he clipped it the point.


Fail, Sir

i was flipping through the coverage of the NISEI WEEK 2008 and found my car.

NISEI WEEKのイベントの記事を色々見てて自分の車を発見。

FAIL Sir. couldnt take enough care about your shadow?? 😦