Fairlady Z

Monday Day Off,

yes, monday we had a day off 🙂

そうなんです、月曜日はお休みでした 🙂

went toMarukai to have a lunch with Kana-chan. here at Shinsengumi.


see those gyozas on the right? mang they were cold!! wtf mang. how come it wasnt heated? the microwaves were broken or something? shiet. they even wroted on the menu “PANFRIED DUMPLINGS”.

右の餃子が目に見えますでしょうか?スンゲー冷めてたんだけど!!どうなってるわけよ。なんで温まってなかったの?電子レンジでも壊れてたのか?ったくよぉ。メニューにも書いてあったんだよ「PANFRIED SUMPLINGS」って。

after eating that cold gyoza, i went to Signal to get my differential oils change.


for all OS Giken LSD users, dont use Mobile 1 oils. they dont match and will make noises. OS does have differential oils at 80W250. let me know if you want them 🙂

OS技デユーザーの皆さん、モービル1のオイルはお勧めしません。オイル合わないし異音が出ます。OSでは専用のデフオイルもあります。80W250っていう。誰か必要な人居たら連絡下さいまし 🙂

gotta call from Kana-chan to ride along to IKEA, so i did.


we went to go get some seats for her nail salon which is the above, and was sold out 😦 we went to IKEA just for their frozen yogurt?? fail… hahahah

彼女のネイルサロンのためのイスを買いに。上のヤツなんだけど、売り切れでした :( IKEA何しに行ったかってフローズンヨグルト食いに行っただけ??やっちまったなぁー…ww

that night was a meeting the Reiko and Yuki at Tea Station.


Reiko deciding on the pics for to use on her business card.


my good old buddy Yuki is working on the photo-chopp’n process.


and look what i got.


huge lol


A Little Trip in Torrance Today,

went out for a little trip today 🙂

今日は、ちょっとした小旅行へ行って来ましたぁ 🙂

ou-kei we roll my three fetty zee!!


where to? to tha gas station first!!


its somewhat cheaper at this Chevron.


but still, expensive. we miss the good old days when i even had my license lol


and to Torrance Autohaus to pick up a distrbution cord and a cap for a Mercedes.


these i had to pick up.


and to the next stop!! but, like typical asians, i need a cigarette break first.


look what i found on the way.


i hate these. ugly.


and another stop to pick up shirts.


where? ICON!!


well, it wasnt ready yet lol i will go back tomorrow.


and now to i Logistics to pick up some OS Giken stuffs 🙂

さぁて、お次はiロジスティクスにOS技研の商品取りに 🙂

lots of trees… lol


and look what i found. havent seen these for a while.


JDM conversion.


phew finally here.


and here, a clutch kit i went to go pick up. wish it was mine… 😦

そしてホラ、クラッチキット取りに行ったんだよ。俺だったら良かったんだけど… 😦

btw, lemme show you whats in my trunk right now. hahha so random, but yea.


my running shoes and a volley ball.


racket ball set.




Golf Clubs.


and to the last stop!! 🙂

そして最後!! 🙂

they gave me a free mocha 🙂 thanks McD.

なんかタダでコーヒーもらった 🙂 有り難うマック。

my bucket seat doing its job again… lol


phew, “SCRAPES”


Delivery Status,

delivery for 24 gallons total of oils to logistics.


damn Z, no trunk space at all… lol 12 gallons (2 cases) was the max…


so, to the front.


full bucket seat doing its job to the max. the cases didnt move at all lol



July 4th,

some catch up for the July 4th weekend 🙂

独立記念日のなんのそのです 🙂

Kana-chan making tonight’s dinner.



and some laundry.


breakfast!! such a morning set isnt it? lol


and now we are at…


Hermosa Beach. passing by lots and lots of oobies, but not pics.


Manhattan Ave


havent worn shorts for more then 10 years… lol hahahah


just wondered around the shops and ate chocolate bananas.


and back home for the dinner!!




and the whole chicken!! whats inside?


woohoo curry pilaf inside 🙂 maaad delicious.

おっほぉ~中にはカレーピラフが 🙂 メッチャ美味かったぁ。

and of course, we went to go see some fire works.


took her to my secret spot 🙂

俺の秘密の場所へ 🙂


maybe too orange?



white balanced changed now.


what a great Independence day 2009 it was. would have been much better if i had Friday off!! hahahah oh well, its all good.



Thank you Kana-chan.


Mine’s Z34

here’s Jason Kusagaya’s 370Z.


went to go take some pics during Dai’s Driving Academy 2 this past weekend.


looking nice Jason!!


check out their US website from the link below.



and here’s my Z with Jason’s.




you know why Jason’s looks better?? he got more sticker then i do!! lol hahahah


naw just kidding. i really love the glamour-ness of the Z34. not a big fan of the lights though.


BBQ at Tanabe,

friday, we were invited to Tanabe’s bbq which we call TANABEN.


and look what i found in the warehouse.


a 370Z with a Kallusive sticker on it? hrmm… looks familiar… hahaha


alcohols on the strollelah.


grills on pallets.


this was… salty 😦

これは…しょっぱかった 😦

you mix it with some hispanic beer… tomado or something… forgot.


wooohooo grill that bad boy right there.


surprisingly, it was ALL GUYS. like i would expect a chick in here lol


camp fire?


thanks for the food Tanabe USA!! 🙂

ご馳走様でしたタナベUSA!! 🙂

Good Bye My Steering Wheel,

slow day for work. so decided to install my hub 🙂

会社は今日はのんびりな感じです。って事でハブを取り付けようと思います 🙂

say good bye to my stock steering.


and take out my ground for the battery.


took out that cover for the torx bolt.


wtf is that little bulge doing right there in the center!? nooooo i dont have that tool… 😦

なんだあの真ん中の邪魔クセー出っ張りはっ!?嫌あぁぁぁぁぁ、あんな工具持ってないよ… 😦

mang, NISSAN. why did they have to do that to me. killing me mang.


Almost Burned My Self,

aghh stupid Z. almost burn my self… lol seems like i dont learn my lessons… 😦

ぬぅおおこのバカちんZめ。火傷するか思たわ…笑。失敗から学ばないな俺… 😦

Bride on a BRIDE

yes, Mike’s bride Kelli is sitting on the BRIDE ZETA III on Mike’s time attack 350Z 🙂 this was for his engagement photoshoot by AltF.com Photography. such an honor for us to be a part of this kind of photo. good this we have our logo on the head rest!! hahaha i jacked some photos from his myspace to share. Mike said ok, so here it is.

そう。英語で嫁はBride。ウチのシートはBRIDE(ブリッド)。嫁がBRIDEに座ってるぅ~。これはマイクのタイムアッタク号Z33。写真撮影はAltF.com Photographyさんがやったそうです。いや、嬉しい事だよね、こういった記念物の写真にウチの商品が一緒に載るのって。ヘッドレストのとこにロゴがあって良かった!!笑。マイクのマイスペースからパクって来たよ写真を。ブログに載せてもイイって聞いたらOKもらったんで、載せます。

Crongratulation Mike and Kelli!!! 🙂

マイクとケリー、おめでとう!! 🙂

Vroom Vroom

yes, i got the vroom vroom now for my Z. we had the ZEES exhaust laying around in the warhouse for a while and we decided to put that thing in my car. first off, i didnt even understand the meaning of “relocating” te evap canister. once done, it was more like “bending” instead of relocating. thanks to Aerodyne Industry for the help 🙂 i thought i had to extend the lines and everything. but it was easy. since i did not have the hanger puller, ended up yanking the hanger out from the bushing with my foot on the LSD case lol just need a heat shield or a heat bandage to cover some portions, which i have not finished… lol how does the ZEES exhaust sound? it has a deeper note in it, but does not spoil the melody of the VQ35HR. the end is pretty huge with a titanium finish on the tip. now gotta work on some more stuffs to tune the note to the FERRARI note. hahahha

最近ウチのZ子ちゃんにブォンブォンを付けました。モノはZEESさんのです。会社に転がってて、「付けっか」と言う話しになり、装着。もう一年近く倉庫に転がってたんで。US仕様は日本使用と違って右後ろのタイコが来る所になんかフューエルラインとかが来てるとこがあります。色々と聞き回ってて、皆が皆「移動」させる言うてました。てっきりラインとか延長して別に移すのかと思ったら、アルミ版曲げるだけだったw。有難うございますエアロダイン様 🙂 助かりました。後は熱処理をどぅにかするけッスね。まぁ、遮熱版作ってやるか、耐熱テープ巻けば問題なさそうです。タイコもギリで干渉はしてないし。簡単に付いたッスよ。何が大変だったって、ハンガー外しが無かったからデフケースに足置いてブチ抜いてやりましたよ(笑。音はどうかって?音に深みが出ましたね。でもVQの良いところは残してあるって具合です。出口が思ったよりもデカかった。ちなみにテールエンドはチタン処理。さて、お次はどうやってフェラーリな音に近づけるかッスえね。フフフ。

o, gotta wash my car.


GT Channel 350Z

here is what Koki-san from GT Channel sent me a while back.

この写真はGT Channelの湖亀さんが送ってくれました。

thanks for your support GT Channel!! 🙂

多大なサポート有難うございますGT Channelさん!! 🙂


The 2009 Nissan 370Z

yea, two months after i bought the 350Z lol wednesday went to J Lounge (nice place out there) for a unveiling event. didnt think it was formal so i wore my hoody and jeans with my DC skating shoes… kind of embarrassing… why didnt i use common sense? hahha but not like Nick where he had a DMV paper holding the line lol after the entrance was the little history of the Z displayed. just gotta love the S30 Z. the model is the best out of all the Z. the waitress were pretty hot handing out finger foods and their fake azz smiles. the bar was full open, meaning FREE drinks!! only took one shot of the yeagarbomb with brian and glen. got to meet a lot of people like one of the directors from Polyphony Digital from the SONY Group and BEST Motoring Japan’s CEO, etc.

350のZ買ってからまさか2ヶ月で出るなんてね(笑。水曜日はJ Lounge(かなり良さげな場所)でお披露目会的なのがありました。フォーマルだとは思わず、パーカに、ジーンズスニーカー…ちょっと恥ずかしかったよ。なんで常識的に考えなかったんだろう?笑。まぁ、ニックみたいにDMVの紙の仮免許証で列を詰まらせた程恥ずかしくはなぃけどねw。入り口を入ったらそこには歴代のZが並んでいました。やっぱS30のZはカッコイイですねぇ。あのZが一番好き。ウェイトレスのお姉ちゃん達も綺麗だったし。まぁ笑顔がかなりウサン臭かったけども。バーは、全ぇーん部タダ。飲み放題祭りでした。っつってもイエガーボムをブライアンとグレンで一杯飲んだだけですけどね。色々な人とも会えました。SONYグループのPolyphony Digitalのディレクターさんとか、ベストモータリングの代表さんとか、見慣れたメーカーさんとか色々。

and is time to reveal the 370Z.


so what do you guys think? personally, not really a fan of the new design. the exterior looks like its just been photoshoped where the pushed in the head lights and pulled out the rear fenders and just sticked in the VQ37HR from the G37 under its hood. the interior looks too futuristic to me. the rear fender’s volume is really sexy but just that head lights and tail lights… 😦 whats up with their designs these days? and plus the R35, which i am not an big fan of it as well. Lexus and Honda are coming out with their V10 super sports and Nissan left with a V6 twin turbo? come on that cant be a flagship model for Nissan? its true of what Porche’s manage said at a media conference for the R35. what they said is “Nissan CAN ALSO make sports car. But Porche MAKES sports cars”.thats a huge difference within the marketing. and the results are shown i guess. the R35 cannot be ranked as one of the top sports car like Porche and Lamborghini took place. i know for a while they will be popular with all the aftermarket manufacturers jumping in to make body-kits and suspension along with exhausts and seat rails etc. but what then? with that controversial design, is the old car fanatics gonna buy the car or what? will the wife allow er husband purchase this 370Z rather than the Honda Odyssey? hmmm….

皆さんはどう思いますか?なんか外装はフォトショップのツールで押し込んだだけに見えます…加えてリアフェンダー引っ張って出した的な。それでスカイラインのVQ37HRに換装しただけって感じですね。リアのボリューム感は色気があって良いんですけど、ライト系がなんだか… 😦 最近のデザインはどうしたんでしょうね?それにR35もなんだか…ちなみに、僕好きでは無いですね。レクサスやホンダはV10のスーパースポーツを作ってる中で日産はV6ツインターボ?それが日産のフラッグシップになっちゃうわけですか?やっぱ以前ポルシェがR35の発表会議で言った事は的を射てましたね。「日産はスポーツカーも作れる。ポルシェはスポーツカーと作る」。それはかなりマーケティング内で違いがあると思います。結果、スポーツカーランキング的なモノにはR35は入っていませんでしたからね。ポルシェやランボルギーニはランク内に入っているのに。出始めはやっぱ人気があるでしょうね。それにアフターマーケットの人達も商品開発で色々とやるでしょうし。エアロからマフラーにサスペンションやらシートレールなんかも。ただ、その後は?賛否両論なデザイン性で昔ながらの車好きはどう反応するでしょう?ホンダのオデッセイでなく、Z買おうかなぁーって言ってる旦那に嫁はOKを出すのでしょうか?むむむ…