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“The Curve”, Fashion Show

first of all, i would like to than all of you who attend “The Curve” 🙂

まず初めに、”The Curve”に来て頂いた皆様にお礼を申し上げます 🙂

i greatly appreciate your support!!


G-WEBB’s live performance.


and i did shoot the fashion show during the night.



The Curve, June 5th 2010

we will be doing this again!!


come and join us at Senor Fish LA for “The Curve” 🙂

LAにあるSenor Fishにて開催される”The Curve”に行こう 🙂

we got catwalk with,


2WJD, CUBE, multeepurpose and C’est L’amore

special live performance with,



this time, “The Curve” will be having a art gallery as well.

今回の”The Curve”はアートギャラリーもやります。

the gallery entrants are,


Allen Chu, Amelie Laurice, H.SU, Ilàn, Just Ali, K-LA, KingQuan, Megumi Isobe, Mikolaj Wyszynski, Robert Jamieson, Shinnosuke Jon Fujisawa (yea, me), Tommi Lim, Yuki Okabe.

also for the gallery, we have a special guest from Japan, MAD BARBARIANS 🙂

そして日本からのスペシャルゲスト、MAD BARBARIANSさんです 🙂

we got DJs pupming the dancer floor, too.


DJ Fumi and RYSH from C.O.R.E. Entertainmet, TJ OKA from afro99, and CTRL-D from OPM Clothing.

there will be give aways and sample sale and art work sale.


join us for the night!!


“The Curve”, Music, Fashion Show, Art Gallery

morning everyone!! i wanted to share the flyer for “The Curve” at Senor Fish on June 5th 2010!! this will be a great night!!

house and electro music from C.O.R.E. Entertainment, afro99, and OPM Clothing. Live performance by G-WEBB.

fashion show entries from 2WJD, CUBE, multeepurpose, Shunsuke Katsumata, and C’est L’amore.

art gallery by Allen Chu, Amelie Laurice, H.SU, Ilàn, Just Ali, K-LA, KingQuan, Megumi Isobe, Robert Jamieson, Yuki Okabe, and ME!! also special guest appearance from Japan, MAD BARBARIANS 🙂

please join us for the night!! 🙂

HOT RIOT Fashion Show,

Girls inc. is an organization whose mission is to inspire all girls to reach their highest potential regardless of their economic status, social, cultural or religious background. Their girls are typically from single parent households and the overwhelming majority fall economically below the poverty level. Prior to the event, girls will be meeting with Project Runway Season 1 winner, Julia Beynon and Ford model Algo Brehane. Confronting media stereotypes head on, girls will get the chance to meet and talk with the models girl to girl and relate to them on a personal level as strong role models. As the girls show off their unique personalities on the runway, they will be part of a fashion event changing the way we view fashion.


The National Center is a non-profit, non-partisan educational institution that provides tools for living democratically in a diverse American society. Partnering with educators and community-based mentors, the National Center works to inspire youth to become active, informed participants in shaping democracy in America. With recent budget cuts, this great venue is only able to open to the public one day a week. We would like to provide added funding so that we can allow them to open their doors for the entire week during LA Fashion week, and raise awareness for this wonderful location. Our long term goal is to provide transportation to local schools in order to provide them with a no-cost option for an educational off-campus field trip.

The Curve,

last Friday was The Curve at Senor Fish in LA.

先週末はセニョールフィッシュでThe Curveが行われましたぁ。

went together with GLAMOROUS Stage.

GLAMOROUS Stageさんと一緒に行きましたぁー。