fashion snap

Saturday Melrose Ave,

went to Melrose Ave to get some fashion snaps.


Yuki tagged along with me for car pool purposes only… lol no i’m just kidding. she wanted couple ideas for next month also to visit the venue.


some others were suppose to show up but didnt happen 😦 probably do that shoot later on.

他にも来る予定だったんだけど、来なかった 😦 撮影はまた別の日やね。

breakfast cookie time.


is this really that Melrose Ave? maybe we were there too early but it was around what? like 11am. yea most of the store hours are from 12pm lol but still… got to change plans now…


didnt find any people i wanted to take a snap so decided to get some manikins.


oobies for Saturday?




changing location next week. Puente Hills or LAB or i dont know…


“The Curve” is almost there… need more time…!!!

“The Curve”はもう目前…もっと時間が欲しい…!!!

another extra sunday will work… lol


Venice Beach,

Sunday was work at Venice Beach with Dj Benkay-san, for  magazine.

日曜はベニスビーチでDJ Benkayさんと雑誌の撮影へ。

lots of people.


was here for a fashion snap. but i guess today was too hot people walking around with bikinis and guys being topless and stuff. if it was a bikini shoot then i would have finished the job within an hour for shooting 40 people lol but i only got one for what Japan wanted 😦 probably will be back soon at the beach, or maybe a different location.

ファッションスナップのために来たのよね。でもねぇ、暑過ぎたのか、皆ビキニとか上半身裸の男とかしか居なかった。ビキニの撮影だったらものの1時間ぐらいで40人ぐらいはスナップ撮れたんだけどねぇ(笑。結局日本側が欲しかった様なのは一枚だけ 😦 出直します。もしくわロケーションチェンジで。