Old Pic Re-edit,

Sarah’s photo shoot from last year for Glamorous Stage, re-edited.

去 年のサラのGlamorous Stage用の一枚を再編集。

RAW file edited on Canon DPP.


too much lost of information on the file… lol cant even see the dress pattern and her bag.


DPP is simple, but i love the PhaseOne. need a crack for the newer one to develop my RAW files on my 7D.



Porsche Design Coupon,

got a letter from Porsche Design.


opened the package and the back had some of the new lines from them.


also came with a coupon for a free CD.


gotta make a stop at Porsche Design for my CD this weekend.


Just Came Back from a Meeting,


just came back from a meeting at BEAUX with Sho-kun and Erika-chan.


check out Erika’s blog 🙂

エリカちゃんのブログをチェケラ 🙂


Designer’s Exhibition,

i am planning to have a designer’s exhibition next year. probably around March of 2010. or earlier if i get enough people to exhibit together and things are squared off upon planning. all freelance, students, and others are welcome to exhibit in the show. from paintings to photography, visual effects, sculpture, copy writers, fashion, etc.


this exhibition is for the designers to be exposed out to the world. and to enjoy the night with a glass of drink surrounded by those fascinating craftsmanship of art.


please contact me if any of you are interested. currently gathering people to exhibit with us. at the same time, i am getting a hold of a bar in Torrance. if the venue is too far for you, or if you are out of state, please send me your work and i will display it at the venue.


i will keep posting updates.



after making a stop at NISEI WEEK on Saturday, we made another stop at Beverly Hills Center to look around stuff. i was just amazed how expensive theREPLAY jeans were. $600 + for a jeans? naw mang.

NISEI WEEKに行った土曜日は、その足でビバセンまで行きました。ブラブラしに。っつーかREPLAYのジーパンがどんだけ高いかって驚愕した。ジーパン一本に$600+てあんた。無理x2。

at Forever XXI, with Kana-chan 🙂 didnt know they had men’s wear now.

フォーエバーXXIにて、カナちゃんと 🙂 メンズも今あるんだね。知らなかった。

we went back to Torrance for dinner at Chinese Bufet. its the one on Hawthrone nad Lomita (i think) in the same plaza as Sushi Ken and Yakitori Shin. $12.99 and they got good foods unlike the other Chinese buffet.

買い物の後はトーランスに戻ってチャイニーズ・バフェへ。場所はホーソンとロミタ(だったと思う)のSushi Kenとか焼き鳥SHINがあるプラザ内。$12.99で食べ放題。しかもここ他と違っておいしいのよ飯が。

Round 1.

Round 2.

Round… ugh no more. i got too much greasy stuff and soooo fuuulllll.


by the way, heres what i got from today’s shopping spree.


2 T-shirt and a hat from H&M. and shoes from ALDO.