Hard Texture, Erotic?

our back yard had a flower so took some shots of it. don’t know what flower it is though.. hahha


boring shot of a flower. how about these next shots?


ahh these looks much better 🙂 doesnt a hard textured flower looks some what erotic? to me it does. the flower seems to be more sexy and powerful. took the shot with Canon’s EOS Rebel XSi. its enough performance for me. the software that came with it, “Digital Photo Professional” is a fair software to develop RAW file to a jpg file. not that hard to use. and it helps to adjust white balance and exposure compensation. dont think adjusting every shots with this will make you a pro though.. there might be more techniques in it, but for now, don’t know much about the software lol. hahha im still plyaing around with it and stuff.

こっちの二枚の方が全然いいや:)。こういったハードなテクスチャーの花ってなんかエロくない?俺にはそう見える。もっと花に色気が出て力がある感じ。写真はキャノンのEOS REBEL XSiで撮りました。日本だとKISS X2になるのかな?この間ダカフェの森さんに教えてもらいました♪今の自分にはこれで充分ッス。このカメラについて来たソフトの「Digital Photo Professional」ですけど、使い勝手良いっすねぇ。RAWファイルから画像ファイルに変換出来るんだけど、使い方が簡単。あとのちょっとした修正でホワイトバランスとか露出補正も変更出来て便利。まぁこればっか使ってたらプロにはなれないだろうけど。ちょっとした修正ぐらいはいいでしょ。ね?w。他にも色々と機能があるんだろうけど、今は使いこなせません。色々イジってる最中です。

He Lies by the,

he lies by the bushes. the true gangsta… hahha



by the way, friday was hella slow!! total phone calls for the day was 8 or 9. not even two digits… wtf?? something wrong with the economy… and one of the call was that “a representative is standing by to speak with you blah blah blah” tape $h1t!! i hate those tape recorders… wasting my energy to pik up a phone…

ちなみに、金曜日はめっちゃ暇でした!!電話のかかって来た合計8か9。二桁もいってないよ…どんだけぇー!!古い?w。経済おかしいでマジでぇー…しかもそのうちの電話の一個が”a representative is standing by to speak with you ベラベラベラ”っつぅテープレコーダー ですよ!?マジでナメてるとしか言い様が無い。マジ嫌い。俺の電話を取る労力お無駄に使わせやがって…マジ勘弁して欲しいわぁー