I Know Where I Want to Visit Next Summer,

buddy sent me these photos today.


Orlando’s Little Brazil here i come!!! lol


seriously, i need a business trip here lol



Man Behind Bars After Hitting Woman in Face with Cheeseburger

A Vero Beach, Florida man is behind bars after hitting his girlfriend several times with a cheeseburger. The victim told sheriff’s deputies that she was eating with boyfriend Vincent Gonzales in her car when the two began arguing. When she threw his drink out of the car window, he retaliated by hitting her in the face with a cheeseburger. He then pulled her from the car and struck her with the sandwich several more times. Gonzales with charged with battery and domestic violence. His bond has been set at $1,000.

now guys are smacking girl friend several times with a cheeseburger??? LMFAO





Lionfish Invading the Marine

as i was readig the msn news thingy just now, found an article about Lionfish invading the marine. they are multiplying quick enough to affect the food chain in the Caribbean’s and off the east coast area. this author states that the Lionfish have escaped from one of the fish tanks in Florida, and now is showing up everywhere. it was not the fault of tank keepers. back in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew struck, they shattered a private aquarium (people have private aquariums?) spilling the fishes into Miami’s Biscayne Bay. these guys eats fishes that are twice their size and sucks them in with one big gulp. one of the research teams have took observation of one Lionfish eating 20 small fishes less than half an hour. Northern Caribbeans alarmed fishermans to capture the Lionfish and divers to report where they have seen them. people say it will be such an “devistating” invasion of the history in the marines if the numbers keep growing. Lionfish are not very aggresive to humans. maybe we dont attract them as much. and their stinging is not fatal. but of course, it will hurt a bunch. one diver got stung, and said it was so painful that he wated to cut his own arm off. sound really painfull to me… well, these guys are gangstas spreading their territories invading the oceans.


found this picture online via search of goole.