Formula D

Random Pics of Past Couple Days,

Teriyaki Inn with the Kentz.


a mall in Arcadia stil under construction.


bigma 50-500 on a Canon XSi and Nikon D90 with the 70-300.

キャノンのKiss x2にシグマの50-500とニコンD90に70-300。



P-3000. came out really handy 🙂

P-3000。かなり便利だった 🙂

if you saw Media 129 at Formula D past weekend, that was me.

先週末のフォーミュラーDでMedia 129を見かけてたら、それ俺。

they been cutting the tree the whole day.


Hiromi’s desk over at ENEOS lol hahahaha


Motorsports in Black & White, Day Two

day two of Formula D Round 7, Judgement Day. in black and white.



Motorsports in Black & White, Day One

more pics of Formula D Rd. 7 Judgement Day Day one. in Black and White.



SIGMA 50-500mm F/4-6.3 APO DG

my new lens came in today!! 🙂

今日はおニューのレンズが来たっ!! 🙂

well, its a rental but… lol hahha super thanks to for the fast service!! also rented a mono-pod and the Epson P-3000 (didnt actually need this).


its huge… lol pretty heavy. no wonder its called the BIGMA.


see how this works for Formula D this weekend. see you guys there!!

さぁーて今週のFormula Dでどうなるかな。皆向こうでねッ!!

Formula D, Streets of Long Beach 2009

here are the pics from last weeks Formula D, Streets of Long Beach 2009.


no photochop used 🙂

フォトチョップは使ってません 🙂

damn cones and fences… lol


enjoy 🙂

お楽しみ下さいまし 🙂



Formula D, Streets of Long Beach Preview,

past Saturday April 11th 2009 was Formula D, Streets of Long Beach.


such a hot day inhaling tire smokes and exhaust fumes lol


here are some pics.


damn fences.


more to come soon.


Guest Today,

Kenji Yamanaka came by today 🙂

ヤマケンこと、ヤマナカケンジが来訪しました 🙂

sorry its a bit blurred… 😦 he has a better pic so once he uploads, imma go jack ’em.

ちょっとブレてしまった… 😦 ケンジ君がもっとましな写真撮ってるので、アップされたらパクろう。



Red Bull Drift, 2008

past weekend was the Red Bull Drift event at Port of Long Beach, CA. because of the mountain fires, the weather was not great at all. grey sky with ashes flying every where. plus the exhaust fumes and tire smokes with rubbers every where. and of course as a typical asian, my cigarettes lol. second day got better. actually much more better. for a newbie like me, setting the camera was hard… but i guess i had some great shots out of thousands of shots i took. i was pretty surprised the numbers of the BRIDE seats on the outer USA region drivers. since BRIDE does not fit the un-ordinary JDM sizing, we have a nitch market. lots of show cars have it, but not many of the race cars. we will be releasing the type XL for the ZETA III so hopefully this can enlarge our market a bit. but yea, past weekend was great. below are some of the shots. to lazy to explain the event right now so lets have the flicks do all the talking 🙂 btw, Rhys Millen have took first. congrats!!

先週末はレッドブル主催のドリフトのイベントでした。場所はカリフォルニア州のロングビーチの工業地帯。山火事のせいで天気は最悪でしたよ、マジで。空は灰色だし山火事の灰は飛び散ってるし。更に排気とかタイヤスモークにゴムのカス。そして、典型的なアジア人の、タバコ(笑。二日目は天気も良くなってました。むしろ絶好調。初心者の自分にはカメラの設定にアタフタしながらの撮影でした。でも、良く撮れた気がします。まぁ数千枚も撮れば、あるでしょう数撃ちゃ当たる的なノリで。結構ビックリしたのが他国の車輌のBRIDE装着率。BRIDEは日本人サイズなので、こう言ったアメリカや他国でのレース関係には結構不人気。座れないからねぇ。展示系だけの車輌とかにはよく入ってるんだけど、レース系にはやっぱ数が少ないッス。近いうちにZETA IIIのXLをリリースするから、これでマーケットがチョイと増えてくれると良いけど。とにかく、先週末は楽しかったですよ。下の写真はそんな二日間の数枚。ちょっと色々と説明するのが面倒なんで、写真に語ってもらいましょう :) あ、リース・ミレンが優勝しました。オメデトウございます!!

those were from the first day. now, the second day.


Formula D, Finanl 2008 The People From the Scene

i was sneaking my lens to some of the people as well with all those drifting scenes in the track. guys, chicks, t&a zoooooming lol, searching for some hot girls on the grand stand lol, etc. here are some of the pictures.


Formula D, Final 2008 Night

here are some of the night shots i took. since i like it upclose, the tandem run only shows single cars. and this one guy, some tall asian (not me!!) with bald spots were blocking my way like no other. i was about to sock him righ on the jaw… hahaha but yea, some came out nice, some came out of course piece of shiet lol off focus, blurred and blahhed… hahaha