fried rice

Obento Today,

havent kept up with the obento blog lately 😦 heres todays!! mmm gyoza!!

最近お弁当ブログをやってなかった 😦 今日はこんな感じ!!う~ん、餃子!!

and reading this and that of the SFI…


and found two cops outside. it did get me nervous. why? its not like i did anything wrong… lol arghh police. hate them.


Ham and Green Onion Fried Rice,

my lunch today.


havent cooked for more then 5 years lol last night, made some fried rice with ham, green onion, eggs, and of course rice. out come was not bad i guess since Kana-chan was next to me most of the time lol  gotta start cooking again since it saves so mucho dineros.


Kyochon Lunch

went to lunch with Hiro-kun today.


we are at Kyochon Chicken in Freshia Market on Torrance Blvd.


i ordered the Kyochon Bento Box 🙂 bomb azz Korean food. Hiro-kun got the same thing.

自分はキョーチョン・弁当ボックス頼みました 🙂 メチャ美味な韓国料理。ヒロも同じものをチョイス。

taking his blog pictures… lol


and, finniiiitoooo 🙂

そして、終ううぅぅぅ了ぉぉぉぉおおおううう 🙂

Kyochon Chicken

2515 Torrance Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90501