friends and family

Last Night,

last night, went to go see Kay-chan to lend her my speedlite.


you break it, you buy me two 🙂

壊したら、二個買ってもらうぅからね 🙂

and i saw Kasa-kun with his two year old son and Andou-kun and his friends.


cute little Kounosuke looking tired on the daddy’s shoulder.


can’t wait for mine 🙂

早くウチのも生まれないかなぁ 🙂

i will be off work today.


only post for today… no oobies 😦

今日はこの一件だけ…お乳無しです 😦

have a great day!!

End of Summer GTR BBQ,

September 19th 2009, 9am-4pm

SP ENGINEERING is hosting is first ever NISSAN GTR bbq meet. this is a meet strictly for GTR owners, but is open to friends and family as well.

the frist three to sign up will win a free trip to the dyno for a 3 run session on the day of the meet. the following three members to sign up will receve a discounte dyno tet session on another day of their choosing for only $25.00

a raffle will also he held. one lucky winner ill receive a free pair of R35 gloss carbon hood vents. another winner will eceive a free R35 gloss carbon antenna cover.


424 Turnbull Canyon Road

City of Industry, CA 91745