Funky Fresh 2

If You Are Under 18, Please Do Not View This Link,

the unofficial Afro99 coverage (by me 🙂 ) of Funky Fresh 2 at Hollywood Canteen is finally here!! again, thanks to Cassandra Cruz and her friend. the following pics are the “deleted scenes” from the Afro99 website. i did cover the tips and the lips.

こっからはAfro99のウェブに載せられていない、ハリウッドキャンティーンでやったFunky Fresh2の裏写真だよ。もちろん撮影者はご存知しんのすけ。今回は変態カメラマンで 🙂 ww。カサンドラ・クルーズちゃんとそのお友達、アリガトウ。上と下の色々は隠しました。

if you are under 18, please do not click the following link. i said it once kids. if you are viewing these pics and getting a hard-on when your mom steps in your room, have fun making BS excuses with your pants half way down… hahahaha