Look What I Found,

searching through facebook and i found the kid who bought my car. still keeping it clean as far as i seen. months ago he told me that the exhaust’s flange broke 😦 that was the only one in the US…

フェイスブックで俺の車買った子を発見したよ。なかなかキレイに乗ってるじゃないの。でもまぁ、数ヶ月前にはマフラー壊したって連絡あったけどね 😦 あれアメリカで一本しか無いのによぉ…

BRIDE Graphic,

another from the good old my VW.


making the BRIDE graphic. what a biyatch it was doing this.



i just remember people were saying my rims were fake TEs lol just because i had it on a VW doesnt mean that its fake. fukn haters.


came out like above. next time i have to do this, i’m painting.


I Miss the Girl, Errr the Car

yea, i miss my GTI… had chicks bang’n on my hood lol


here’s another shot.


this was how long ago? D1GP 2 years ago maybe?


GTI at Enonvativ Force

found this old pic with my car at front of Enonvativ Force. i miss this shop 😦 had really fun times here!! learned a lot. pretty much my whole car frenzy started here i guess.

この写真懐かしいなぁー。前の車と一緒にEnonvativ Forceの前での一枚。もう無いんだよねぇ 😦 スゲー楽しかったよここのショップ。色々覚えたし。車関係の原点だね。仕事も趣味。