I’ve recently exported  some connecting-rods to Japan. a pretty unique design having a head of this and base of that. just got an email from my customer with a good feedback on it so pretty relieved 🙂 since it was a custom made rods i was pretty worried that all the measurements, IDs are correct. no wonder those guys who manufactured my orders been around for ages.






nothing but  villain that i see in this pic… LOL


man i’m jealous of your Hakosuka!! Please let me drive your ride next time i’m in Japan!!






End of Summer GTR BBQ,

September 19th 2009, 9am-4pm

SP ENGINEERING is hosting is first ever NISSAN GTR bbq meet. this is a meet strictly for GTR owners, but is open to friends and family as well.

the frist three to sign up will win a free trip to the dyno for a 3 run session on the day of the meet. the following three members to sign up will receve a discounte dyno tet session on another day of their choosing for only $25.00

a raffle will also he held. one lucky winner ill receive a free pair of R35 gloss carbon hood vents. another winner will eceive a free R35 gloss carbon antenna cover.


424 Turnbull Canyon Road

City of Industry, CA 91745


MKS Engineering, R32 GTR

found this old pic from the visit to MKS Engineering some years ago. they had the R32 in there warehouse. i believe the car was fine-tuned by Hayashi-san from SAURUS. or was it not? sorry dont remember. man i love the R32 🙂

これは何年か前にMKS Engineeringに遊び行った時の写真です。倉庫にR32がありました。これは確かザウルスのとっくりさんがチューニングシタヤツだったと思います。あれ、違ったっけか?ゴメンなさいあんま覚えてないッス。っつかやっぱR32いいね 🙂