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“The Curve”, Music, Fashion Show, Art Gallery

morning everyone!! i wanted to share the flyer for “The Curve” at Senor Fish on June 5th 2010!! this will be a great night!!

house and electro music from C.O.R.E. Entertainment, afro99, and OPM Clothing. Live performance by G-WEBB.

fashion show entries from 2WJD, CUBE, multeepurpose, Shunsuke Katsumata, and C’est L’amore.

art gallery by Allen Chu, Amelie Laurice, H.SU, Ilàn, Just Ali, K-LA, KingQuan, Megumi Isobe, Robert Jamieson, Yuki Okabe, and ME!! also special guest appearance from Japan, MAD BARBARIANS 🙂

please join us for the night!! 🙂

SaKura 2010 pics are Updated on,

pictures from SaKuRa 2010 is updated on afro99’s web!! click the image below and visit the gallery page 🙂

SaKuRa 2010の写真がafro99のウェブにアップされました!!下の画像をクリっとしてギャラリーまで飛んで下さい 🙂

Weekend Re-cap: SaKuRa 2010 at Gonpachi Beverly Hills,

at Gonpachi for SaKuRa 2010 🙂

we thank all of you who came out to support the night.

the venue was massively packed with people, people, and people!!

even more people!! lol so packed i was barely walking.

and, i must apologize to whomever i smacked with the camera in their head.

didnt meant to!!

more pics will be soon added to!!

Was At Tea Station,

met up with Yutaka-san from afro99.


its official. i will be hired as afro99’s official photographer for the events 🙂

決まりました。afro99の専属カメラマンになりました 🙂


Jingle Dingle Updated,

pics are updated at 🙂

写真はAfro99.comにアップされてます 🙂

here’s some of the shots.


hooo flip that shiet up girrrlll!! hahha


special thanks to C.O.R.E. Entertainment and afro99 🙂

7th Annual Jingle Dingle,

yes, 7th annual Jingle Dingle.



@Club 740, 753 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90014

i will be there as a photographer 🙂

ふぉとぐらっふぁーで参加しまぁーす 🙂


wooo hooo my buddy MC GASHIMA reppi’n WHITE JAM 🙂

he’s on the right side with the black cap.

***courtesy of WHITE JAM***

WHITE JAM is a 4 member unit whom are blasting a storm in the club scenes and live houses. their musics are fulled with originality plus futuristic-ness,  based off of the funk & soul passe, with good crop of house musics and R&B along with the new dance musics added as the hidden flavor.

往年のファンクやソウルをベースにしながら、ハウスやR&Bといった最新のダンス・ミュージックの要素を取り入れ、その斬新かつフューチャリスティックなサウンドで、クラブ・シーンやライヴハウス界隈で大きな旋風を巻き起こしている4人組ユニット、それがWHITE JAMだ。

these guys will be releasing a new title every month starting April to the cellphone based subscribers (mang, Japan with these cellphone maniacs… lol) ony. they will be releasing a mini album on August with a total of 6 songs including 2 unreleased ones. within the year will be releasing a full album. susper hardcore release plan it is.


from this release schedules, the people may say something like shooting that last shell to hit that mark. but it wont be like a aimless machinegun. all the tracks are being produced by the top producer of  Europe and is been recorded out of the sea. for some tracks will have a producer whom touched bases with Leona Lewis, Sweet Box, and Meja.


so yea everyone, check out WHITE JAMS now!! 🙂

ってなわけで皆さん、WHITE JAMを宜しくッ!! 🙂

news source from MIXI. translated by, me!! hahha

WHITE JAM, How We Party