iPhone 4

Is This an iPhone 4 Glitch?,

i was organizing my iPhone 4 last night (on the iTunes) to delete couple stuffs on it. especially those useless apps that i randomly downloaded. i really wanted to show my wall paper (my lovely Helmut Newton pic) to decided to locate the setting icon on the very first page and allocate the others on the following page.


today, i randomly decided to relocate the setting icon to the very back. and now i got a blank top page. no jailbreak or anything. glitch? or was it on the manual? lol hahha i dont know but im excited now lol


Evolving Around iPhone4,

a rig for a iPhone? $129.99 online price. with the 35mm adapter, you can mount on SLR lens as well. wtf? lol is everything that is digital going to be evolving around the iPhone 4? lol


will i be seeing a lot of people at Formula D with the media pass holding this iPhone rig? lol