You Are Connected,

just purchased Kamui Kobayashi’s charity app. search for “you are connected” in the app store.

小林可夢偉選手のチャリティーアプリ買いました。アプリストアでyou are connectedで検索かければ見つかります。


Square Card Reader,

first try on the Square application. i was charging customers at ID Auto Festival with this. it worked perfect. simple and convenient. type in the amount, push charge, swipe, process, customer signs, and process the receipt via email, done.

couple down side though. while i was processing customer’s credit card and the process took more than 2 minutes. so i decided to restart the app. swiped it again, worked fine. but seems like the previous transaction has been processed. and i couldnt (or maybe i just didnt know how to) void the transaction over the phone.

another one, and i think the most concerned, is that their monthly (maybe not…) deposit is limited to $1001. during ID Auto Festival, i was charging other vendor’s credit card too without knowing that the deposit limit was $1001. my remaining balance will be deposited on December 28th as per Square’s email notification said. if there is any immediate deposit needed with amount over the limit, i need to contact their support team, which i will be doing shortly.

other than that it’s simple and legit.

people loved it signing on the screen.

Living it Up,

stolen from Kent’s blog again.


well, thats me and how i live it lol


check his blog out too.



and btw, i am wearing that same t-shirt today. seems like i wear the imaginary foundation tee every Thursday? hahha

あ、ちなみに写真と同じTシャツ今日着てるよ。どうやら、毎週木曜日に俺はimaginary foundationのTシャツを着てるらしい?ww