CHABUYA, Tokyo Noodle Bar

went to CHABUYA the other day. subtitled as Tokyo Noodle Bar. located in Torrance, CA at the Torrance Crossroads Plaza on Crenshaw Blvd and Lomita Blvd. it was my first time been there. the location use to be Kazamidori which was a scewers dining place. they sold the ownership once, got it back, and closed down a while back. well, thats what i remember of. and now CHABUYA came to take the spot. havent really heard anything about this restaurant before. its been there for a while but never heard of them being good or not.


the place looks just like Kazamidori was use to be. lots of menus too. we ordered Zembu Raamen (mixed with a lot of stuffs) plus some gyoza, some char siu, and ita-meshi (fried rice kind of thingy).


the raamen was ok. cant beat the Santouka guys. gyoza was decent too. that char siu thingy was pretty good. and i just loved that ita-meshi, the fried rice thingy. dont have a picture since the waitress finished mixing it already… lol but for me, this ita-meshi was the best 🙂 i will go back for this rice again sometimes soon… well, maybe. gotta save up my money… lol

ラーメンは、まぁまぁでした。やっぱ山頭火は美味いよね。あそこ最高っしょここら辺だったら。餃子は無難。チャーシューのなんちゃらがなかなかイケてたよ。そしてなんと言ってもあの追加で頼んだ炒飯。ッパねぇーのね。写真は無いんですよ…ウェイトレスの子が混ぜた後だったからね…w。いや、それにしてもあの炒飯は最高だったわぁ :) また近いうち行こうかなアレだけ食べに…。いや、でもお金貯めないと…w。



CHABUYA, Tokyo Noodle Bar

24231 Crenshaw Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90505

tel: 310.530.2749

fax: 866.760.2284