Japanese BBQ

12pm Yakiniku,

went to Tamaen for lunch on Sunday.


with wifey and parents.


drinking beer daytime is awesome.


1st round.


the Fujisawa holdings had couple more rounds after this.


not only a beer but dad made me take a ginseng soju shot…

ビール だけじゃなく、オトンに高麗人参酒のショットを飲まされた…


yessss Tamaen!!


its was crazy i knew half of the customers that were there lol Sandy and her husband, Nozomi-chan and her friend, Mitsukuni, Ginga and th birthday girls… hahha crazy.


mmmm 🙂

うぅぅぅぅぅぅん 🙂

cant finish Tamaen with this dessert.


and the damage…


wait i just noticed RICE is 13.55…?



wifey wasnt feeling good so,


wussup Tamaen!!


mmmm beeeeeeeruu 🙂

くぅはぁぁぁぁぁビールうめぇぇぇ 🙂

god damn アイラブユー・上ハラミちゃん&上カルビちゃん♪

went two rounds of harami-chan.

man why so bluuuurrryyyyyy!!


mmmm i love Tamaen 🙂

たまえんめっちゃラブやわぁー 🙂

for the two of us? hahahaha


after finished eating, she was feeling good lol


Meat Meat Meat,

a pic from Tamaen after D1.


mad kalbis and haramis son 🙂

鬼カルビと鬼ハラミだぜ 🙂

and of course, more to come.


Tamaen Japanese BBQ

1935 Pacific Coast Highway

Lomita, CA 90717

tel: 310.326.0829 fax: 310.326.0819


TAMAEN, and to Bay Side

man blog is becoming like a food blog… lol hahha


Tuesday, Takatori-san, Kie, Hiro-kun and I went to TAMAEN 🙂

火曜日は高取さん、キエ、ヒロ君、そして俺でたまえんに行きました 🙂

yes, like usual. TAMAEN is the bomb.



icey beeeeeeeeeer and a shiny kaaaalbiiii 🙂

キッンキンのルービーに光ってるカルビ 🙂

and Takatori-san taking pictures lol


Takatori-san and Kie. Kie is his manager.


Hiro-kun and me. we have the same chins lol


briiiing the alcohols!!


hey what is he doing… ? no it can be again… 😦

ちょっと何してるの彼は…?いやまさかそんな、また… 😦

geesh, another wasabi topped parfait…


well, i ate it 🙂

まぁ、食ったけどね 🙂


1935 Pacific Coast Highway

Lomita, CA 90717

tel: 310.326.0829

fax: 310.326.0819


and off to Bay Side for some more drinks 🙂

そしてベイサイドにでもっと飲む事に 🙂

Bayside Karaoke

2212 W. Artesia Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90504



Thursday night was HKT Dinner. whats HKT? Hiro, Kie, and Takatori (alphabetical order) hahaha thats so random. since Takatori-san is here in the US (going back next Monday i believe), we went out for a dinner. of course, to TAMAEN in Torrance 🙂

木曜の夜はHKTディナー・ショーっした。HKTって何かって?ヒロ君、キエ、タカトリさん(ABC順)ですww。チョー適当なネーミングやね。高取さんが丁度こっちに今来てるので(確か次の月曜日に帰る)、皆でご飯へ。そう、トーランスにある「たまえん」へ 🙂


1935 Pacific Coast Highway

Lomita, CA 90717

tel: 310.326.0829

fax: 310.326.0819



Kie and Takatori-san was lagging like crazy. they said we will meet up at 8pm. i was only 5min away from TAMAEN and Kie calls me. we are gonna be late so lets make it at 9pm she said. yea, azz hole… lol oh well, i’m already there at the spot so i decided to kick back and relax in the car. and then she calls me again a little after, saying GOMENNASAI lets maket it 9:45pm… duuuude!!! i was so ready to drink and eat!! azz hole… hahahah 😛 ok, whatevers. ended finishing a full 18 hole golf game on my cell phone while waiting… sigh~ well i scored good. 71 🙂 and here comes Hiro-kun, not knowing that its been lagged to 9:45. wearing a jacket that he didnt want to wear (not gonna mention the little bird logo thing) we stood out side for, how long? 30min or so chatting. and decided to go inside and drink in advance.

キエと高取さんがメッサ遅れよった。最初の予定は8時待ち合わせ。もぅ後5分で着くでぇ~たまえんちゃん♪って所で電話が。ゴメン!遅れそうやから9時にしてもらえへん・コールが来たよ。俺もうすぐそこ(涙。アホォー…w。まぁすぐそこだし、車の中でのんびりゲームでもしよかぁ。みたいなね。そしてまた電話が。なんで誤るん?思たら9:45ぐらいにして、言うて。オイオイ…汗。オイオイ!?www。メッサ腹減ったし、食う気まんまんだったのに…このボケーい…ww 😛 まぁいいや。結局、携帯のゲームでゴルフしてて18ホール全て周ったぜ。スコアは71。 🙂 ふふ。そしてヒロ君が来た。9:45になった事も知らずに…w。着たくないジャケットまで来て(某・トリ)。外で30分ぐらいダベり、もぅかなん言う事で、いざ店内へ。

beeeeeeeerrrrruuuu 🙂

ビイイイィィィィルルルゥゥゥゥァ 🙂

and they are still not here… lol


and here they are. came all the way back from Riverside… hahaha now thats a drive.


oh yea, me and Hiro-kun were talking about chicks with glass fetish lol mang i was pretty hyped up 🙂 chicks with glasses (real glasses i mean with perscription) with Oobies? and wearing a suit? oh mang i could take many shots as i want to. and she has to keep her glasses on no matter what. contacts? no way jose cuervo. sex with glasses. mmmm… hahahahaha sorry.

飯の間、ヒロ君とスッゲーメガネ・フェチで盛り上がった(笑。結構テンション上がったよね二人とも 🙂 メガネ(ダテじゃイかんよ)の女子でお乳があって?しかも銀行員的なOL姿?超ヤバイっしょ。酒が何杯でも飲めるね。そしてメガネはいつ何時でもつけてなくちゃダメ。むしろ、装着って言葉だね。うん。コンタクト?あかんアカン。メガネ姿でセックス。上がっちゃうよねぇ…ふふ…wwww。はい、ゴメンなさい。

and finally!! YAKINIKU mang. mmmm.. makes me hungry again while blogging lol




and my dessert, marble coffee chocolate parfait 🙂

そして俺のデザート、マーブルコーヒーチョコパ 🙂

and my second dessert… lol hahaha i think the name is, Fantastic Bomber or Exotic Bomber… Takatori-san said to make it more bomber. so here it comes. whats the difference? oh wait, whats that green stuff on the top? …. oh mang WASABIIIII hahahaha the two bomber. me and Takatori-san tasted. we just started laughing lol its… its soooo WASABI with the sherbet lol!! the sweetness of the sherbet makes the wasabi standing out a lot more lol Takatori-san was cracking up like a little monkey banging the table… hahahaha! Hiro should have more pics so i will jack it from his blog later.


group pic 🙂

集合写真 🙂

Takatori-san says GOMENNASAI again.


and Kie’s first time driving a stick shift. should have taken the shot from a different, lower angle for the secret triangle between her legs… 😦 thats Hiro-kun’s car for the Drift 101 students. the clutch was pretty heavy. but i love it. dont wanna be stuck in the traffic though… lol  . some people couldnt even move the car… hahaha. who, me? of course i can drive it. who do you think i am? hahahaha

そして、キエの初ミッション車。もっと違う、低いアングルから撮ればよかった…秘密のトライアングルが見えたかもしれんのに… 😦 ちなみにこれはヒロ君のドリフトを生徒さん達に教える車。クラッチがなかなか重いのよね。俺好きだけど。まぁ、これで渋滞なんかにハマった日にゃーもぉー…笑。動かせない人もやっぱいるらしい…w。え、誰、俺?動かせるに決まってるやん誰や思ぅとんねん?www

and next is my Z. my seats were so low, she couldnt see the front of it.. hahaha trying to move the car, Kie was screaming like a chick lol hahaha i mean, she is a hot chick but, mang… lol but she got it moving finally. good job Kie, good job 🙂 the only thing, she didnt go around the parking lot cuz she was scared. ended up parking on the other side of the parking lot… next time, bring it back please… hahaha

it was a fun night 🙂 where to today?

いや、めっちゃ楽しかったよ昨日の夜 🙂 今夜は何処へ?