初音ミク Studie GLAD BMW Z4

2009 entry. last year, they had a little trouble through the regulation and couldnt run the whole series. i think there is some fails other then the regulations.. but yea, history moves on… lol the GT300 class “Hatune-Miku Studie GLAD BMW Z4” car number 808. why is ASADA Racing into this??

2009年のエントリー。全年度の2008年はレギュレーションで多少問題があったそうで、全シリーズは走ってないみたいです。まぁ、レギュレーション以前の問題があるような気がするのは俺だけだろうか。痛車って…涙。まぁ、これも時代の流れの一つとして受け止めましょうね…w。GT300クラス、チーム名は「初音ミク Studie GLAD BMW Z4」。車輌は808号車。



these anime otaku industries… whats up? i mean… i dunno cant explain… hahaha


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Yoshiki from X Japan Becomes the Producer for DOME NSX

 just read this article on yahoo! news thingy. YOSHIKI from X Japan now is the producer for the DOME NSX. whats more surprising is that he is the current executive producer of ROCK STAR Energy Drink. btw, ROCK STAR has been sold in Japan since September 15th 2008.

今さっきYahoo!のニュースで読んだんだけどさ。X JapanのYOSHIKIが童夢NSXのチームプロデューサーになったとか。でまたちょっとビックリしたのが日本でROCK STARのプロデューサーもやってるんだねYOSHIKIって。あ、ちなみにROCK STARって日本で9月の15日から売り始めたみたい。

the team set up will stay as usual. driver Ryo Michigami and Takashi Kogure as seen on the picture below. look at that huge “YOSHIKI” branded on the car. bigger then PHILIPS… lol


from left: Takashi Kogure, YOSHIKI, and Ryo Michigami.



the first round of the JGTC will be on March 21st 2009. the track will be at Okayama International Circuit. what will happen to this year JGTC?



***all photo courtesy of Oricon Career***