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More Japan x Club 4AG Garage Sale and Car Meet,


17:00 to 19:00, @ 1849 Western Way, Torrance, CA 90501

who’s going? we will have a booth as well for OS (i will be going towards the end since i have a photoshoot in Irvine that day). will be bringing lots of Nissan clutches and LSDs along with t-shirts, etc.

see you guys there!! 🙂

Mitsubishi Owner’s Day 2011,

about time i posted up the Mitsubishi Owner’s day shots. didnt take many shots this year since i was somewhat drinking whiskey from 8:30, 9:00am ish


surprised me that not many came out this year and people leaving at 12:30 from the parking lot. plus, less vendor with less cars dyno-ing near us. hmmm economy sucks for our market i guess. we better start working on the Grand-Am teams and others.


thanks to the customer from Evasive who kindly brought out his car to the event. yea, nice pair of RECAROs you had LOL hahaha just kidding.


thank you Charles as usual 🙂 loved those jack daniels… errr i meant Monster Sport products you have lol hahahah

チャールズ毎年有り難う 🙂 あのジャックダニエル…じゃねーやモンスタースポーツの商品イイね(笑

and thank you Shaun for showing up the last minute lol did Bun call you or emailed you about the kid? hahaha dman the people who were covering up my shot this day.


JB and Robert, thanks for coming all the way from San Diego this day. and glad you like the wheels.


and thanks to everyone who came to our booth!!



Kansai Service CR-Z Exterior Parts Available,

available exterior products from Kansai Service,

Carbon Front Grille

Carbon Front Short Lip (the two small flaps on each side of the bumper)

Carbon Front Center Lip (the center piece of the front lip)

Carbon Side Step

Carbon Rear Bumper Protector

Carbon Rear Wing

Front Tow Hook

above products will be special order only.