Park Eun Kyung,

hot Korean women, Park Eun Kyung.


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JDM vs. KDM, Round 2

JDM vs KDM, Round 2

buddy signed on at 2:42:32 PM.

buddy: I just farted in an empty snapple bottle, and I want you to open having your nose right above the cap.

buddy: wtf?? lol

me: is that korea’s lethal weapon??

me: hahaha

buddy: Lol

buddy: Kimchii fart

buddy: intoxication

buddy: oh damn

me: Lol

me: we gotta fight back with the wasabi bomb

buddy: Silent

buddy: But veryyy deadly

me: lol!!

buddy: I wouldn’t ill call my white brotha to drop an a bomb

me: Hahahhahahaahaha

buddy: It’ll fuckin wipe u out

buddy: Hahahaahahaahaha

buddy: And give u jdm grill

buddy: Lmfao

me: hahahahaha

me: damn what should we japanese do…

buddy: Nothing

me: we’re gonna close out the HENTAI stuffs!!!

me: no more hentai for you mang

buddy: Or u can go kamakazi

buddy: And fart till u die

buddy: Naw americans r catching up to hentai

buddy: Have u ever sen those disney anime porn

buddy: Fuckin hilarioussssss

me: damn we got nothing left then lol

buddy: Lol

buddy: I wanna see jasmine from aladdan get fucked by abu the monkey

buddy: I’d rather see that then see goku fuck chichi

buddy: Hahahhahahahhahaha

buddy: Hahaahahahahhaha

me: hell yea my two dragon balls gonna make the wish come true

buddy: That was lame

buddy: Ur trying too hard to be funny bro

buddy: Calm down

buddy: Don’t try to impress me

me: 😦  

buddy: Ull still be my friend dude

buddy: Lol

buddy: Hahahaha

me: ass hole… lol

buddy signed off at 3:s6:33 PM.


Round 2 result,

JDM Pwned again


JDM vs. KDM, Round 1

JDM vs KDM, Round 1

buddy: Suck a penguin dick!!

me: hahahahahaha

buddy: It’ll be very cold

me: you get you fuckn tongue stuck on the penguin’s cock

buddy: U ever been fucked by a penguin?

buddy: Hahahahaha

buddy: U would know right cuz uve tried it

buddy: !!!

buddy: I knew it!!!!

buddy: Caught red handed!!!

me: i wasnt fucked,

buddy: Lmfaooo!!

buddy: Pwnedddd

buddy: Hahahhhahaha


buddy: Noone but u knows on that

buddy: Hahahahahaha

buddy: Did u break the ice

buddy: And fall into the water

buddy: Hahahahhhaah

me: it got melted with my sperm

buddy: And had ur dick freeez and stuck in the penguins asshole

buddy: And he started flappin its wings and u cruised around under water 100mph

buddy: Hahahahahaha

me: lol

buddy: U fuckin 75% percented jap pervert

me: hahahaha

buddy: you 100% korean talking about sucking a penguin dick… lol

me: Hahahaaha

buddy: We talk about it

me: But u guys do it

buddy: Hahahahahahaha

buddy: Difference..my friend

buddy: Lol

buddy: U perverted bastards



Results, JDM pwned